Last Chance to book a place for the Breton Backhold Championships


Wednesday January 15th - Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points Night

"Dear Roger, I read with great interest your article of 27th December extolling the entrepreneurial endeavours of wrestlers Thomas Gibson, William Atkinson, Paul Murray and others who have taken their hard-earned winnings and invested wisely in livestock of numerous varieties rather than squander frivolously. I was disappointed not to hear my own name mentioned – though I may not be from farming background (a townie no less) I too invested my hard-earned winnings in livestock.
"In the July or August of 1987 I had a bumper weekend, winning the princely sum of £70!! I thought long and hard over a livestock investment opportunity that had come my way. I took my £70 and invested it in a rare-breed, Yorkshire fell-bred with excellent pedigree, good bones, lean with a healthy coat – excellent for breeding I thought!?
"Well, to bring you up to date, the investment was inspired, a real thoroughbred, paying back more than the initial outlay, year after year. Low maintenance, economical, happy to be out in all weathers and the breeding was dare I say for being somewhat biased – exceptional!
"… the £70 I invested in that engagement ring in 1987 has proven the wisest truest investment a man could make – 25 years on she is still a rare breed."
When I received this message from Andrew Davidson, Under 15 years/10st Champion in 1980, I had two worries: what would his wife, Kathryn, think about being compared to a sleek, pedigree beast? And how would his English style hold up? In the late 70s I had taught him to wrestle and I was his (and her) English teacher, also. So, Andrew, I am pleased to see that you can still turn a phrase, but why so many exclamation marks? I told you never to use more than one a month....
 (l to r) Abi Marston with the Best Performance cup, Mark Wharton (Under 12s) and Thomas Wales (10st)Meanwhile, on the mats at Currock House, the younger wrestlers had their first Points Night of 2014. Matty Hodgson took a while to switch on, but then he gained some great falls. John Gibson punched above his weight again, Mark Wharton wrestled cleverly throughout, Thomas Wales showed real control and wrestling nous, and Kieran Miller, when he eventually arrived was in a class of his own. But the winner of the cup for the best performance was Abi Marston, a girl who wrestles with skill in attack and persistence in defence.
Thomas Gibson proved to be a glutton for punishment, training with the Boxing Club for an hour, before putting the mats down and wrestling in the same Currock House Gym, beating Thomas Wales in the final of the Under 15 Years.

Final arrangements for the trip to the Breton Backhold Championships need to be made this week. Darren Whitfield the Rothbury organiser is aiming to take a coach, but numbers are in the balance. Anyone wishing to take part should make contact at once.


Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
6 Stone J GibsonH Alecock M Hodgson  
7 Stone M Wharton J Gibson H Alecock M Hodgson
8½ Stone A Marston G Coulthard W Wilson M Hodgson
10 Stone T Wales A Marston G Coulthard W Wilson
Girls 8½ Stone 1, A Marston G Coulthard    
Girls Open 1, A Marston G Coulthard    
Under 12 Years M Wharton G Coulthard R Armstrong J Gibson
Under 15 Years T Gibson T WalesM Wharton A Marston
Under 18 Years K Miller T Gibson J Gibson T Wales
Written by © Roger Robson ..... Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2013).

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