Linda Scott appointed as the New Chairman of the CWWA Governing Body



Linda Scott's election as Chairman of the CWWA Governing Board was a sort of Margaret Thatcher moment : the sole lady at the meeting in charge of nearly twenty men in her "cabinet". Linda Scott, however, is no "Iron Lady". Her modus operandi is tact and hard work.
Her first contact with the sport was through her partner Ted Dunglison, that wrestler of wrestlers. After his tragically early death, she could easily have floated away from wrestling, but, somehow she felt included and supported in her loss, and year by year her role has increased. She is an auditor for the Association, and regularly runs the table at wrestling events. (How she can write so neatly at such speed, baffles me).
Her work skills as a graphic designer come into regular use. With Alf Harrington she produces the little membership books which are so useful each season. CD covers, invitations to events, publicity posters are all part of her willing remit. She and her partner, Julian Richardson, produce some of the best wrestling photographs each year.
More basically, she is the first female referee at the likes of Grasmere, and takes her place as a judge for men's events, a universally respected figure in our sport.

Her first Governing Board Meeting was to allocate the Association's World Championship events for 2013, always of keen interest to the wrestlers as they work out how quickly they have to shed their winter weight. The first event allocated creates no such problems, because it is the "All Weights". This year Ambleside Sports is the host, so the present Champion, Andrew Ord, will have to take a day off work to defend his title on a Thursday.
The busiest day is on June 8th when two championships occur. Luckily, it is possible to travel between the two...... if you have enough petrol. The Under 15s takes place at the Cumberland Show in the afternoon and the 12st Championship at Lowgill Sports in the Trough of Bowland in the late evening.
Two events are re-runs of last year. Boggy car parks made Skelton Show cancel the event which included the 14st Championship. They will try again this year. Hethersgill Vintage Rally will also have a second attempt at the Under 18 Years Championship this year after last year's event was voided because of an age irregularity.

Before the season begins, wrestling will have a busy week-end when the referees' meeting takes place on the Friday evening 26th April and the following day is the Kendal Open Night at Grayrigg village hall.

Written by © Roger Robson ............. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2013).

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS for 2013




All Weights
Ambleside Sports
July 25th
15 Stones
Dalston Show
August 10th
14 Stones
Skelton Show
July 6th
13 Stones
Grayrigg Show
August 29th
12 Stones
Lowgill Sports
June 8th
11 Stones
Penrith Show
July 27th
10½ Stones
Egremont Crab Fair
September 21st
Under 18 Years
Hethersgill Vintage Rally
May 5th
Under 18 Years and 10 Stones
Kirkby Lonsdale Show
August 13th
Under 15 Years
Cumberland Show
June 8th
Under 15 Years and 8½ Stones
Alwinton Show
October 13th

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