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The Annual General meeting of the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association held at Stoneybeck, near Penrith, looked back at back at a soggy season in 2012 when ten events were cancelled because of the weather with the resultant loss of income and action. Some cancelled events still pay their affiliation fee in those circumstances, but the feeling of the meeting was that the Secretary was right in not pursuing money from those venues which were already mired in frustration and expense.
Despite the loss of that basic income for the Association, the books balance well, mainly because of an injection of funds from a Cumbrian quiz organised by Board Member, Chris Bland, which was available at events throughout the season. The other overwhelming Financial factor, which is not always appreciated is that the sport is kept alive by enthusiastic volunteers who give their time freely. When I am asked to judge cattle at an agricultural show, I am offered hotel accommodation, travelling expenses and meals. Wrestling officials cost an event nothing.

Two Governing Board members tendered their resignations. Tom Porter, the stalwart of Waberthwaite Academy, found it difficult to attend meetings. Freddie Jones a great wrestler of the Post-War era and a long-time member of the Board, resigned because of ill health. Their absence from the lists opened the way for two new and younger members, Joe Brown and Robin Murray. Both are connected to the sport in remarkably similar ways: both have sons who have come, with success, through the boys classes, and now are making their mark amongst the men. They already have taken on the role of referee and have travelled widely. In addition, both act as hosts to the Breton wrestlers who grace our sport at the end of August each year. After Grasmere, the Bretons stay on the Murrays' farm beside Arlecdon in West Cumbria while they compete at the likes of Silloth and Ennerdale

After that the action moves to Northumberland where the Browns offer hospitality. Joe Brown, in raising money from charity events seeks to emulate the sort of hospitality provided by the Bretons when our wrestlers visit their country, and in simpler terms make sure they have a roof to keep warm and showers to keep clean.

Last week should have seen action in the Kendal Open Night at Grayrigg, but the erratic snow made attendance dodgy for many and absolutely impossible for the Wabethwaite wrestlers. They were to reciprocate with Kendal Academy who attended the Waberthwaite Open Night in goodly numbers the week before the Ice-Age struck West Cumbria. The event will now take place in late April.

Carlisle Wrestling Club tidied up the indoor season with the sixth and final Men's Points Night. Andrew Carlile had a night to remember. In the 11½ stones category he had an unassailable lead before the night started, and he confirmed his status by going through the round-robin without losing a fall.
In the middleweights, he started the night behind John Harrington, but beat him in the final to set up a wrestle-off for the trophy. Wrestling sudden death, Harrington made the first moves by lifting Carlile, swinging him back on his right hip before dashing him forward to the mat. Carlile landed on his right foot and immediately cross-buttocked with his left for an excellent winning fall.
The All Weights was complicated too, when Richard Fox and Jimmy Hall ended up with equal falls on the night. In circumstances like that, Fox is able to step up a gear, go faster and find extra power. His win made him a clear winner of the Points trophy.

Written by © Roger Robson ............. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2013).


Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points ( March Competition)






11½ Stone A Carlile J Brown P Murray T Gibson
13 Stone A Carlile J Harrington J Brown P Murray
All Weights R Fox J Hall F Sewell J Harrington
Cup Winners 2012 - 2013



11½ Stone Andrew Carlile
13 Stone Andrew Carlile
All Weights Richard Fox

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