Culmination of Carlisle Wrestling Club's Winter Programme



Carlisle Wrestling Club's Winter training programme for Juniors culminated in the fourth and last of the Points Nights when the skills they have developed in training are tested in competition. This year, more than any other that I can remember, the final outcomes were in little doubt. There are nine categories, and in all but one the winner of the Points Trophy was in the bag before the last session even began.

One notable exception was the Under 12 Years class where I had to explain beforethe competition that two wrestlers, Mark Wharton and Gemma Coulthard were separated by a single point, and that a wrestle-off was a possibility. Of course, that is what happened. The draw kept them apart for three knock-out rounds, so they met in the final. Gemma gained control and used her hold to throw Mark forward off her right hip for the first fall and then a back-over twist for the second.
A pause for breath and regrouping followed and Mark Wharton strode onto the mat with renewed determination. In the previous bouts he had been dominated by the other wrestler. Now he set about attacking and hustling so that Gemma was pushed backwards across the mat, and that is when he struck with back-heels which took her legs from under her. The precious cup was his.

Earlier in the night, he reached the final of the 7 stones to wrestle Alfie Story who travels from Northumberland to train at Carlisle. Story had been the dominant figure in that weight and the result seemed a foregone conclusion, except that Mark Wharton had not read the script and took the first fall with a cross-click, played just as Alfie was making the maximum effort to lift him. Normal service resumed in the second fall when Alfie's extra strength told and he won with a twist to floor.

Mark Wharton was not finished, though and came off best in a quick-fire decider. That action was the key to the subsequent award of the trophy for the best performance of the night.
Six other wrestlers had their usual wins. They each had their own area of domination: Alfie Story, Thomas Wales, Abi Marston, Thomas Gibson, Kieran Miller, and of course, Jack Brown. The last two are Champions from the 2012 Grass Season so their success is not unexpected.

On Saturday night the wrestling focus will be in West Cumbria at Waberthwaite, a place famous for sausages and wrestlers.

Written by © Roger Robson ............. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2013).


Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points






6 Stone H. Alecock H Wales J Gibson J Wales
8½ Stone T Wales A Story A Marston M Wharton
10 Stone K Miller T Gibson A Story A Marston
Girls 7½ Stone A Marston Z Marston    
Girls Open A Marston G Coulthard    
Under12 Years G Coulthard M Wharton J Wales H Alecock
Under 15 Years T Gibson T Wales M Wharton A Story
Under 18 Years J Brown K Miller A Marston T Gibson
Best Performance Mark Wharton      
Carlsile Wrestling Club - Cup Winners 2012/13



6 Stone Alfie Story
7 Stone Alfie Story
8½ Stone Thomas Wales
10 Stone Kieron Miller
Girls 7½ Stone Abi Marston
Girls Open Abi Marston
Under 12 Years Mark Wharton
Under15 Years Thomas Gibson
Under 18 Years Jack Brown

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