On the mats at Carlisle Wrestling Club


Breton Backhold Championships in Quimper on Saturday, 23rd February.

Sports headlines always shout out about the winners, but this week I want to applaud two wrestlers who gained the fewest falls at Carlisle Wrestling Club's January Points Night. They had good reason for paucity of wins: Paul Murray is just coming back to serious training after a long lay-off after injury, and Kieran Miller was simply the lightest and youngest of the contestants.

There can be spectacular instances of wrestling achievements after little practice and competition - David Parsons won the 14st Championship at the Westmorland Show at his only event of last year – but the real quality wrestling is achieved inch by inch, with constant effort. Jack Brown's annus mirabilis in 2012 did not just happen, but was the result of years of persistence.

When Paul Murray damaged his shoulder while wrestling in the European Championships, he was at the top of his game: strong, sharp, ready to pounce. Since then he took time to recover physically from his injury and has slowly come back into wrestling through local events and representing his Young Farmers' Club. His participation in the Wrestling Club's Points Nights is evidence of a new resolve. In this week's competition he gained few falls but was wrestling better with each bout.

Kieran Miller has a championship to his name already. He won the Under 18 Years/10st title at Dalston last season on one of those rare occasions when he was competing against wrestlers of similar size. At the Carlisle Points night he was faced by bigger and maturer wrestlers including his big brother David. Even in defeat Kieran shows his wrestling class, for everything he does is right. The cognoscenti around the mats at Carlisle know well that in two or three years' time he will be a top lightweight.

The actual winners on the Carlisle mats were big brother David Miller in the lightweights, and John Harrington in the Middle and All Weights.

For the Lightweights John Harrington was felled by avoirdupois: the weighing scales. In Harrington's absence, David Miller's inside-hipe was flowing sweetly and he did well to fell his tutor Andrew Carlile.

The Middleweights finished like a bookie's list, with good wrestling, but no surprises.

The All Weights had the biggest entry and the biggest surpises.

Three big men, Richard Fox, Jack Ewart and Freddie Sewell were added to the list, and you would expect the winners to come from there, but in the end two lightweights, John Harrington and Andrew Carlile, wrestled off for the top place with Harrington coming out on top in a sudden death bout.


Carlisle Wrestling Club Points Night
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
11½ Stone D Miller A Carlile K Miller P Murray
13 Stone J Harrington A Carlile D Miller P Murray
All Weights J Harrington A Carlile F Sewell R Fox
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