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A flurry of activity in the wrestling world has kept wrestlers and supporters busy before they give in to plum pudding and too many chocolates next week.

David Ellison's photographic exhibition, Tek Hod, at Tullie House Museum had two focal points: upstairs in the exhibition room and downstairs in the cafeteria transformed into a wrestling arena. The wrestlers had to find landing sites between the pillars, but the action was uninhibited and a startling contrast to the stasis of the images upstairs. With a contingent of Kendal wrestlers present with their attacking wrestling style and excellent wrestling strips, and the Carlisle wrestlers in fine fettle, there was bound to be good wrestling despite the confines of the ring.

Two young wrestlers particularly adapted to the conditions. Sam Wilson of Kendal showed the class that brought him the Under 18/10st championship earlier in the year to win the Under 16s and the 9 stones. Alfie Storey is a phenomenal young wrestler who seems to have appeared from nowhere at the end of the season. A Northumbrian, he has been travelling along with the Browns from Haydon Bridge to train at Carlisle Wrestling Club. He also won twice, at Under 13 Years and at 6 stones.

The Carlisle Club had a clean sweep of wins in the men's events, with Jack Brown felling Andrew Carlile in the final of the 11½ stones, and John Harrington taking on and besting the two Atkinson brothers from Kendal in the 13½ stones. The greatest threat to the architectural integrity of the Tullie House pillars came in the final of the All Weights when the substantial Jimmy Hall felled Jack Ewart.

The slide show held by the Carlisle club to launch sales of the CD of photographs of the 2012 season offered a completely different and more universal view of the wrestling this year. Despite the cancellation of ten events, there were photographs of wrestling at over forty affiliated events throughout the four northern counties and the Borders of Scotland.

The general sense is of intense physical action taking place in soggy and beautiful places. The season saw intense rivalry between the likes of Ben Brocklebank, Jack Brown and John Harrington, and the pictures reflect their strength, determination and skill throughout a long season.

The proceeds from the sale of the CDs go directly into the coffers of the Wrestling Association in a difficult year. Copies may be obtained from me on 016974 73559.

Carlisle Wrestling Club held its third Men's Points Night this week, and although numbers were sparse the action could not have been closer. In each category three wrestlers ended up with the same score after the round-robin. And a three way wrestle-off was needed. Jack Ewart had a long evening of waiting for action, and in his first bout Jack Brown caught him cold with a back-heel. After that slack beginning, he tightened up his game and was never beaten, until he came out on top.

In the lightweights John Harrington won after close wrestling with Jack Brown. There was a clear winner in the middleweight when Andrew Carlile was unbeaten, two falls ahead of the opposition, but needless to say, there was a three-way wrestle off for all the other places.

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Tek Hod at Tullie House Museum

Event First Second Third
Under 13 Years A Storey H Wilson M Wharton..
Under 16 Years S Wilson T Wales A Storey.
Girls Open A Marston C Coulthard.  
6 Stones A Storey J Gibson; C Wharton
9 Stone S Wilson A Storey T Wales
11½ Stone J Brown A Carlile D Miller
13½ Stone J Harrington M Atkinson W Atkinson.
All Weights J Hall J Ewart J Harrington.

Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points

Event First Second Third Fourth
11½ Stone J Harrington A Carlile J Brown P Murray.
13 Stone A Carlile J Brown J Harrington P Murray.
All Weights J Ewart J Harrington J Brown P Murray.
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