"it was a top event and the standard of the English wrestlers was excellent" (Gordon Mackie)


The Academy Shield - will be held on Saturday, 24th November 2012, at Dr Thomlinson's Middle School, Silverton Lane, Rothbury, NE65 7RJ.
Junior events and Weigh-in from 6.30pm; Main event begins 7.30pm

Our so-called "Summer Season" of wrestling may have lost ten events to the rain and mud, but it was even worse for the Scots who lost a bigger proportion of venues. We managed to shunt earlier cancellations onto later events, so for example, the 14st Championship allocated to the cancelled Skelton Show was successfully held at the Westmorland Show; but that was not possible for the Scots. Instead five "Senior Championships Abandoned Due to Adverse Weather During the Highland Games Season", as it said in the programme, were staged indoors at the Possilpoint Community Centre in Glasgow, alongside the Indoor Scottish Junior Championships.

The English wrestlers were there in force and gave a good account of themselves, winning three of the senior championships and all four of the Under 21 Junior Championships. Gordon Mackie, the Scottish organiser commented that "it was a top event and the standard of the English wrestlers was excellent".

Three of our young wrestlers who are Senior champions south of the border added to their honours: Ben Brocklebank, the 11st champion, came first in the Under 21/12½st class, gaining a good hold in the age-old, three generations, Brocklebank style and then rushing the opposition to the ground off the right hip. James Hayhurst, the 13st Champion, also won at Under 21 when he took the All Weights, felling Ryan Dolan in the final, but he went one better in felling the same wrestler in the final of the British 13½st Championship.

Best of all, though, was Jack Brown our 10½st Champion, who won both the Scottish 11½st and the British 12½ Championships felling a Dundee wrestler, George Reid, who is well known in wrestling circles South of the Border. Jack Brown's hipes and hanks made the difference. Sam Wilson of Kendal Academy had a grand time, too, winning Junior titles at 8½st and 10½st

One notable win for the Scots was in the Scottish Open Championships when Frazer Hirsch of Dundee, who competes with flair and success at several of our main events, felled fellow Scot Zen Gray of Hamilton to gain the title which his twin Brother John, now in Australia, held last year.

More parochially, on the mats at Carlisle Wrestling Club, the Points Nights, Junior and Senior produced some excellent wrestling ahead of the imminent Academy Shield team competition. In the Juniors, a Northumbrian newcomer, Alfie Storey was awarded the best performance trophy, on his first visit to the Club.

In the Seniors, increased numbers made a long night of intense and skilful wrestling in the round-robin system. No fewer than five wrestlers joined the lighter wrestlers for the final competition and John Wharton came out on top in a wrestle-off with Richard Fox.


All eyes are on Rothbury this week-end when they host the premier indoor event of the year, the Academy Shield, when all the wrestling academies put out teams against each other.



Written by © RogerRobson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott(2012)

Scottish Championships

Event First Second Third
11½ Stones J Brown G Reid L McDowall
All Weights F Hirsch Z Gray A Thompson

British Championships

Event First Second Third
12½ Stones J Brown G Reid B Brocklebank
13½ Stones J Hayhurst R Dolan W Atkinson

Annual Scottish Open Junior Championships

Event First Second Third
Under 21 Years OPEN J Hayhurst R Dolan J Brown
Under 21 Years / 12½ Stones B Brocklebank G Neilson J Brown
Under 21 Years / 10½ Stones S Wilson T Gibson C MacAuley
Under 21 Years / 8½ Stones S, Wilson D Queen J Orr

Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points

Event First Second Third Fourth
6 Stones A Storey J Wales C Wharton H Alecock
7 Stones A Storey A Marston M Wharton H Alecock
8½ Stones T Wales A Storey A Marston H Wharton
10 Stones K Miller T Wales T Gibson M Wharton
Girls 7½ Stones A Marston      
Girls OPEN A Marston H Wharton G Coulthard  
Under 12 Years M Wharton G Coulthard M Hodgson; H Wharton
Under 15 Years T Gibson A Marston A Storey H Wharton
Under 18 Years J Brown T Gibson K Miller T Wales
Best Performance Alfie Storey      

Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points

Event First Second Third Fourth
Lightweights J Harrington A Carlile J Brown D Miller
Middleweights J Brown A Carlile J Harrington D Miller
All Weights J Wharton R Fox J Harrington J Brown

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