Victors Ludorum Presentation Dinner


Wednesday - November 21st at 8.30pm Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points at Currock House.
The Academy Shield - will be held on Saturday, 24th November 2012, at Dr Thomlinson's Middle School, Silverton Lane, Rothbury, NE65 7RJ.


Wrestlers and supporters made Low Hesket Village Hall the centre of their world for the Presentation Dinner which awards Victor Ludorum trophies for the wrestlers who score most points throughout the long outdoor season. The first points are won at Carlisle Airport in early May at the Hethersgill Vintage Rally; and the last points are accrued on a field by a mountain at Buttermere Show in late October.

There should have been 56 events contributing, in Lancashire, Durham, Northumberland, Cumbria and the Borders of Scotland, but ten of those were cancelled because of weather conditions.

Amazingly, the winner of the Middleweight trophy was only decided at that final venue, Buttermere Show. With three points for a win, two for second and one for third, two wrestlers were separated by a single point when they arrived at Buttermere to compete: John Harrington was ahead with 44 points and Jack Brown was on 43 points. To win the Victor Ludorum trophy, Brown had to finish two places ahead of Harrington.

He felled him, but in the final, so they were tied on 46 points. In such a case the total wins are then taken into account, and Harrington prevailed as he had ten wins to Jack Brown's nine. Harrington only opened his middleweight account in late August at Ambleside Sports so the later part of the season was an important time for him, winning at Grasmere and gaining the 12st title at Eskdale on the last Saturday of September.

Although Jack Brown took second place in the Middleweights, he had a magnificent season, and won the Lightweight Trophy and the Under 18 Years Trophy too.. The lightweights were clear-cut, helped by a double win at Ambleside, but the Under 18s threw up another close rivalry with a wrestler who matched him every step of the way. Ben Brocklebank is as tall, long-legged and skilful as Jack Brown and at times he upstaged the Northumbrian, particularly in winning the Under 18 Championship at Alston and the 11st Championship at Silloth. They were neck-and-neck in the points race until Silloth but then Brown began to ease ahead until the final tally was Brown on 51 points to Brocklebank's 45 points.

The Under 15 trophy went to Sam Wilson of Kendal. He was significantly behind the fifteen wins of the Under 15 Champion, Archie Singer, but his skill levels and mileage accumulated 50 points to put him ahead. Another Wilson, Sam's cousin Harold, won the Under 12 years. With his steady style hegained 45 points from 15 straight wins.

At the larger end of the categories, Andrew Ord had 46 points in the All weights section. He began the year as a double champion, but at Carlisle, David Barnes wrested away the 15st title with two startling hanks. As All Weights champion he was no Rab MacNamara with unassailable weight and power. But, if Ord lost a fall, he usually won the other two, and that is exactly what happened when he retained the All Weights Championship at Langholm Show.

The most comprehensive winner was Connie Hodgson of Dent. She scored 58 points and won nineteen times, including a double win at Grasmere which brought her the Guinness Trophy for the best performance at that prestigious event. I wonder if she ever wakes up in the middle of the night wondering how it was that she was only third at Whitfield.

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