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Saturday Oct 13th - Alwinton - Cancelled

Saturday Oct 13th - Wasdale Head - 4pm - U11 / U12 / U13 / U15 / U18 / 10½st / 12 / AW

Wednesday Oct 17th 7.30pm Carlisle Wrestling Club opening night at Currock House Gym

Saturday Oct 27th - Buttermere Show - TBA

Friday November 9th - Wrestling Association Presentation Dinner, Low Hesket Hall. Tickets from Alf Harrington

John Harrington has had a tough season. The younger wrestlers breaking into the senior wrestling, the likes of James Hayhurst, Ben Brocklebank, the Atkinson brothers, and Jack Brown, have been hard opposition as they added height and strength to the long cultivated skills they acquired as small boys on the mats at Kendal and Carlisle. At Eskdale Show, the venue for the 12st World Championship, he did not have to worry about the holder of the trophy, James Hayhurst, for he was too heavy this year, but two of his main adversaries this, Ben Brocklebank and Jack Brown, both Senior champions already, were ready for action.

John Harrington met Brocklebank in the first round and showed how he was fully determined to win, never allowing Brocklebank the room to hipe or buttock. Fittingly, in the final he met Jack Brown who has been in prolific form recently and had just won the under 18 Years class, beating 13st Champion, James Hayhurst on the way. The first bout was over quickly as Harrington went straight for his favoured outside hipe and in a single move got rid of Brown's long legs by sending them flying sideways. The second hold produced an unexpected reversal, as Harrington looked to be successfully buttocking Brown, but Brown defended by stiffening himself at full length and Harrington's knee touched the sward first.

The decider was tense, and suddenly exploded into action. Harrington went for hold and lifted, forcing Brown to clamp on a defensive hank. Without hesitation, Harrington dropped Brown forcefully to the ground before he could get his landing-gear into action.


John Harrington, who farms at Rigg Wood, Bewaldeth, has had his successes this year, especially at Grasmere and amongst the Bretons, but this championship was important to him. A year ago at Buttermere he was surprisingly beaten in the final by James Hayhurst, so it must have been additionally sweet for him to meet Hayhurst in the Eskdale All Weights final, and beat him in a tough match to achieve a double win.

The young Waberthwaite Academy wrestlers, in their blue tee-shirts, added greatly to the sport but were restricted to the minor places.

Still the weather continues to deplete our wrestling season. Two weeks before the event Alwinton Show has had to cancel, mainly because of waterlogged car-parking fields. I have attended Alwinton on 65 occasions. Nil desperandum, at last I can go to Wasdale Head Show which is always scheduled for the same day

Wrestlers and supporters will be shocked to hear of the death of John Dennison of Ulverston, champion wrestler and pre-eminent breeder of dairy cattle.

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2012)

Eskdale Show .........

Event First Second Third
Under 15 Years S Wilson R Robinson C Connor
Under 18 Years J Brown T Johnson J Hayhurst.
10½ Stone A Carlile S Wilson D Connor
12 Stone World Championship J Harrington J Brown C Naylor
All Weights J Harrington J Hayhurst A Carlile
Written by © RogerRobson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott(2012)

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