Andrew Ord retains the All Weights World Championship title at Langholm Common Riding


Saturday September 29th - 3pm - Eskdale Show - U15 / U18 / 10½ / 12st World Championship / AW
Wednesday October 4th - 7.45pm - Carlisle Wrestling Club - AGM at Currock House, Carlisle
Saturday Oct 13th - Alwinton - 1pm - U10 / U13 / U16 / U21 / 11½ / 14 / AW
Saturday Oct 13th - Wasdale Head - 4pm - U11 / U12 / U13 / U15 / U18 / 10½ / 12 / AW
Saturday Oct 27th - Buttermere Show - TBA

Andrew Ord's long legs stand astride our wrestling world, again, after he retained the All Weights World Championship for Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling for a second year, at Langholm Show.

Wrestlers, young and oldish, gathered from Northumberland, Cumbria and Lancashire to compete in Scotland. Two of the most experienced and weighty wrestlers, Joe Threlfall of Preston and Darren Whitfield of Rothbury, both former Heavyweight Champions, met in the second round. Threlfall had won the championship 29 years previously on the same field at the Common Riding, and he showed that he is still a force to be reckoned with in the here and now when he won two long careful bouts, finishing with a twist off the chest.

In the semi-final he met Richard Fox in his most determined and bustling mood. Fox negated the weight difference between them by constant action so he stayed ahead of Threlfall's twists, except in the middle fall when Threlfall twisted him off the back-heel. Unable to use the buttock against the stronger man, Fox persevered with back heels, and Threlfall lost his footing twice.

The other semi-final brought together two well-matched wrestlers, who had never met before in the ring. Joseph Robson of Grayrigg tried to buttock Andrew Ord but was hauled onto his back instead. The second fall showed Ord at his best, standing up close to Robson and sending him horizontal with an outside hipe.

This brought up a finely balanced final between the controlled wrestling of Andrew Ord and the swashbuckling attacking style of Richard Fox. In the first fall Ord merely survived back-heels and the buttock until he saw his chance and smothered Fox to the ground. The second fall began in the same way, but this time Fox's buttock connected and brought Ord over and down. In the third bout, Fox tried all ways to back-heel, left and right, and kept Ord from hiping. Instead, when Ord found a chance, he used his own right leg back-heel, and retained his championship.

Andrew Ord, in his early twenties, is a gentle giant, deceptively strong and skilled. From a farming family near Morpeth, he actually makes a living crafting high value, highest quality furniture.

The skill factor was strong in every single category at Langholm: Mark Wharton had to be clever to beat the taller Gemma Coulthard in the Under 12s.


Sam Wilson collapsed the strong local lad, William Jannah, with two sneaky inside-clicks. The prize-winners in the Under 18s, headed by Jack Brown, hold five championship titles between them; and John Harrington continued his tightening up process with the younger challengers as we move towards the 12st Championship at Eskdale Show on Saturday.



Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2012)

Langholm Common Riding Show .........

Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years M Wharton G Coulthard T Davidson
Under 15 Years S Wilson W Jammah T Gibson
Under 18 Years J Brown B Brocklebank J Hayhurst.
Novices A Sandercock K Taylor G Irving
Ladies C Hodgson A Marston G Coulthard
12½ Stone J Harrington J Brown B Brocklebank
All Weights World Championship A Ord R Fox J Threlfall
Written by © RogerRobson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott(2012)

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