13 and 14 Stone championships decided


Saturday Sept. 22nd - 1200 Noon Langholm Show U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / Novices / 12 ½ st / AW Championship

Although we are now past the busiest part of the season there are still wrestling championships to be fought for.

Last week saw the 13 and 14 stone Championships decided and in the next week the All Weights and the 12 Stones titles will be settled,- as long as the weather does not intervene.

At the Westmorland Show last Thursday, the highlight was the 14 stones Championship. This had originally been allocated to Skelton Show in early July, but when that was washed out a new venue was needed and Westmorland Show stepped into the breech. Despite the rain we enjoyed a full afternoon's wrestling with a surprise Championship winner in David Parsons of Levens.

The son of a farmer, and an agricultural mechanic by trade, Parsons found himself up against many people's favourite Graham Brocklebank in the final. In the semi-final Brocklebank had an outstanding battle with the defending Champion Richard Fox with both going on all out attack. Fox struck first with a full buttock before Brocklebank equalised with a drive off the right side to smother the attempted leg up, and then took the decider with a twist off the right side.

In the final, the first fall went the way of Parsons when, although turned in, he managed to strike with a cross click at the right time. The second fall went more to script with Brocklebank turning his man in and twisting him back.

The deciding fall seemed to be going the same way until Parsons again struck with the cross click to become the new Champion. This is his first title and he admitted afterwards he was as surprised as anyone that he had won. That win was all the sweeter because it was at his local show.

On Saturday, at Egremont Crab Fair, it was the 13 stone title that was up for grabs and again there was a surprise in the final. Two Kendal Academy wrestlers Graham Brocklebank and James Hayhurst had come through against some stiff opposition.

Brocklebank had another epic semi-final with Richard Fox, again coming back from a fall down to progress to the final, while Hayhurst had accounted for the lightweight champion Jack Brown.

In the final it was Hayhurst who struck first with a buttock. Back came Brocklebank to get the equaliser by stopping the buttock and turning his man back.

At one fall each, most would have favoured Brocklebank to come through, especially as he had his man turned in and on his right hip, but just like two days earlier he was outdone as Hayhurst played the inside click to win the decisive third fall.

This was an outstanding performance by a gifted wrestler who, as he is only fifteen, still has two years left in junior wrestling. Last year he had created a stir in winning the twelve stone Championship, but I think this is a bigger achievement and one of which he can be exceedingly proud. For his exploits he was voted a worthy winner of the Guinness Trophy for the best performance in the whole of the wrestling

Commiserations to Graham Brocklebank, whose day ended in further disappointment when losing the All Weights final to Richard Fox. Like the outstanding wrestler he is, he will bounce back from these disappointments.

This week attention turns to Langholm Show who are hosting the All weights Championship while next week Eskdale in West Cumbria has the 12 stones Championship. As the season enters its final phase there is still time for plenty more drama.

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2012)

Westmorland Show .....

Event First Second Third
Under 9 Years G Singer J Gibson T Hodgson.
Under 12 Years H Wilson T Hayhurst ,J Harker
Under 15 Years A Singer J Lashley T Gibson.
Under 18 Years J Hayhurst D Hodgson J Brown.
Girls Under 15 Years L Singer A Marston A Harker.
Girls Open C Hodgson V Beaty H Hodgson.
Under 21 Years and 11 Stone J Brown S Wilson A Singer.
12 Stone J Harrington B Brocklebank C Naylor.
13 Stone G Brocklebank M Atkinson R Fox.
14 Stone World Championship D Parsons G Brocklebank R Fox
All Weights T Brocklebank J Threlfall T Hodgson
Junior Costume J Wilson O Wilson A Marston.
Senior Costume T Hodgson R Fox J Harrington.
Junior Best Performance James Hayhurst    
Senior Best Performance John Harrington    

Egremont .........

Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years B Caine T Hayhurst.  
Under 15 Years T Gibson J Crone L Doran
Under 18 Years B Brocklebank J Hayhurst J Brown.
11½ Stone J Brown J Harrington T Gibson.
13 Stone World Campionship J Hayhurst G Brocklebank R Fox.
All Weights R Fox G Brocklebank J Ewart.
Guinness Trophy J Hayhurst    


Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years H Wilson O Wilson T Wilson.
Under 15 Years T Gibson G Wilson J Wilson.
Under 18 Years J Brown G Wilson T Gibson
Girls D Wilson E Wilson O Wilson.
11½ Stone J Brown T Gibson J Wilson.
13 Stone J Harrington J Brown A Myers.
All Weights J Ewart J Harrington J Brown.
Costume J Brown O Wilson J Gibson.

Written by © Alf Harrington. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)


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