Jack Brown wins 5 events


Thursday September 13th - 1.30pm - Westmorland Show - U12yrs / U15 / U18 / Girls U15 / Girls Open / U21yrs & 11st / 12st / 13st / 14st
Championship / AW.
Saturday Sept. 15th - 2pm Egremont Crab Fair 2.00 U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls /1 1½ st / 13st Championship / AW
Sunday Sept 16th - 2.15pm Borrowdale U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / 11½ st / 13 st / AW

Saturday Sept. 22nd - 1200 Noon Langholm Show U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / Novices / 12 ½ st / AW Championship

After the superabundance of wrestling in the previous fortnight, wrestlers and supporters settled down to a less frenetic week, with only one day of competition. That was divided between the shows at Stanhope in Weardale and Whitfield in the South Tyne Valley, two events reasonably close together which complement each other.

Heavyweight Champion Andrew Ord could set out on his travels with more than a single chance to shine, and shine he did. He made the most of his height, strength and experience to control the cunning wiles of John Harrington in the All Weights final at Stanhope and the long legs and growing confidence of Jack Brown in the final at Whitfield.

Jack Brown had the most successful day because he still qualifies to compete in the Under 18s, is a prime contender at lightweight and can hold his own amongst heavier wrestlers. At Stanhope he inevitably won the Under 18s, and then went on to hipe and back-heel his way to win at 11½ and 13 stones. And then at Whitfield he took the under 18s and the 12½ stones.

The Ladies wrestling at the two shows had an extra frisson for two of the best female wrestlers were locked in battle. After much circling round the ring at Stanhope, Connie Hodgson felled Donna Thompson. Twenty miles and a couple of an hours later it was Donna who gained the victory at Whitfield.

The Singer family had a good day at the twin events, with young Gus winning at Under 12s, and then wrestling up to big brother Archie in the under 15s at Stanhope. At Whitfield Archie, the Under 15 Years Champion, duly won his main event and then went on to feature in two more finals.

A feature of both events is the role played by wrestlers from the crowd, strong lads who fancy a challenge and push the trained wrestlers to the limits. At Stanhope Jake Daley in the boys and Jimmy Atkinson at the heavier end both gained falls before losing out to the skills of the trained wrestlers. We always encourage people like this to try the sport further at the nearest academy but when they live at Spennymoor and Crook that is unrealistic. The academy in Weardale died more than fifty years ago, and the distance from Crook to Rothbury is about fifty milesand to Carlisle Wrestling Club it is even further.

Last week I received an intriguing email from David Ellison, who is building up a portfolio of photographs of our wrestling: "On Monday 17th September at 8pm at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, I'll be making an appearance as Richard Dixon, a talented Cumberland and Westmorland wrestler from Wigton, West Cumbria as part of Unseen Photo Fair 2012. I'll be pitching my latest project in three minutes - dressed in costume embroidered in the traditional style by the wrestler's mother - to an audience of approximately 300 people who've paid a five euro entrance fee. If you're in Amsterdam or you've friends who like to fund promising talented photographers, please encourage them to support my bid for funding."

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2012)

Stanhope Show .....

Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years G Singer T Hodgson L Harker.
Under 15 Years A Singer A Storey T Gibson.
Under 18 Years J Brown A Singer J Daley.
Ladies C Hodgson D Thompson R Hodgson
11½ Stone J Brown 2, A Singer J Daley.
13 Stone J Brown A Sandercock J Harrington
All Weights A Ord J Harrington J Atkinson.

Whitfield .........

Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years S Reid G Singer T Hodgson.
Under 15 Years A Singer G Singer T Gibson.
Under 18 Years J Brown A Singer T Gibson.
Ladies D Thompson R Story C Hodgson.
12½ Stone J Brown A Singer J Harrington.
All Weights A Ord J Brown J Harrington.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)


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