Kieran Miller wins Under 18/10 Stone championship



Saturday August 18th - 1230pm - Allendale - U12yrs / U15 / U18 / 11½st / 14st / AW
Saturday August 18th - 2.00pm - Gosforth - U10yrs / U12 / U14 / U16 / Girls / 10½st Championship / 12st / AW
Saturday August 18th - 2.00pm - Rusland - U9yrs / U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / 12½st / AW
Sunday August 19th - 2.30pm - Torver - U12yrs / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW / Costume.

Saturday August 25th - Newcastleton - CANCELLED
Saturday August 25th - 3.15pm - Bellingham - U12yrs / U16 / Novices / Ladies / 7st / 9st / 12st / 14st / AW
Saturday August 25th - 3pm Millom & Broughton - U12yrs / Local U15 / U16 / U18 / 12st / AW

Sunday August 26th - 11am - Grasmere U12yrs / U15 / U18 / 8st / 11st / 12st / 13st / 14st / AW
Females U15 / U18 / 10st / AW
Monday August 27th - 12.00 - Silloth - U12yrs / U15 / U18 / Girls U15 / Ladies / 11st Championship / 13st /AW

Wednesday August 29th - 2.30pm - Ennerdale U12yrs / U15 Championship / U18 / Ladies / 12½st / AW
Thursday August 30th - 1245 - Crosby Ravensworth - Costume / U13yrs / U16 / U18 / Girls U18 / 13st / AW
Thursday August 30th - 3.30pm - Grayrigg - U12yrs / U15 / U18 / 9st / 11½st / 13st / AW .............. Females - U15 yrs / Open

Kieran Miller confirmed his status as a top-rate wrestler when he won the Under 18/10st Championship staged this year at Dalston Show. Lightweight boys have a hard road to travel when they are youngsters. Most of the wrestling categories are by age and favour the heavier and taller boys. Kieran, and his brother David before him, have had to endure losing to wrestlers who are inferior to them in skill and experience. Year by year, on the training mats at Carlisle Wrestling Club we have seen Kieran always trying hard, always playing the right chips, wrestling with flair, but not always succeeding. At Dalston Show it was his moment when the 10st limit meant that he was meeting opponents no bigger than himself.

His chief threat came from an unexpected quarter. Philip Potts who lives within easy walking distance of the Dalston showfield has all the right credentials for his father was a champion wrestler noted for his left side hipe. In addition, he has been a regular at Carlisle Wrestling Club and had the same training as Kieran, but not recently. He enjoys his rugby and the training night clashes with the wrestling so he has been missing from the mats for a couple of years. Although a competent wrestler he has never shone as brightly as he did at Dalston last week.

His route to the final saw him competing against Sam Wilson of Kendal and Thomas Gibson of Southwaite, both prolific winners so he had tough bouts which he won with twist and counters.

The final was a closely fought affair, but Kieran Miller had the extra skill factor with his hipes and that gave him the victory.


On paper the results of the men's events were not unexpected: John Harrington of Bewaldeth won the 11½ stones and Richard Fox of Hethersgill the 13 stones, but they had to work hard for their success. Jack Brown as usual this year pushed John Harrington to his limits, but some extra zip in his outside-hipes gave Harrington a successful day. Richard Fox had a late start to the season, so he is in catching-up mode and his back-heels are flowing better, and we see the occasional glimpse of the buttocking which send all opposition flying.

The All Weights brought the two Barnes brothers, Paul and David, together in the first round, and it was good to see the lighter Paul take a great fall from his 15st champion brother. David Barnes, though, remedied that and went on to reach the final with Jack Ewart, who put up an excellent show before Barnes' hiping gave him the win.

Early in the action two Carlisle Wrestling Club members, Mark Wharton and Thomas Gibson set up the trend for Carlisle wins. Wharton showed real class as he hiped his way to victory, and Gibson had to fell his nemesis, Sam Wilson, on his way to victory.




Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2012)

Ings Show ...........

Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years G Coulthard Jacob Threlfall Jack Threlfall
Under 15 Years S Wilson G Wilson Jack Threlfall
Under 18 Years J Brown J Hayhurst S Wilson.
Girls C Hodgson G Coulthard T Molleghan
12½ Stone J Hayhurst J Brown G Wilson.
All Weights J Threlfall T Hodgson J Brown

Dalston Show .........

Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years J Wales   J Hetherington.
Under 15 Years T Gibson T Wales S Wilson.
Under 18 Yrs/10 St World Championship K Miller P Potts S Wilson.
11½ Stone J Harrington J Brown J Ward.
13 Stone R Fox J Harrington J Reay
All Weights D Barnes J Ewart J Harrington.

Forestburngate .........

Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years T Davidson D Nellis G Coulthard.
Under 12 Years H Bertram T Davidson G Coulthard.
Under 15 Years A Singer C Whitfield J Bruce.
Under 21 Years J Hale J Brown H Wall
12½ Stone J Brown C Carlyle H Wall.
15½ Stone A Ord J Davidson J Hale.
All Weights J Hale J Davidson; A Ord

Lunesdale Show .........

Event First Second Third
* Under 9 Years A Harker R Hodgson M Stainton.
Under 12 Years H Wilson T Hayhurst E Robson.
Under 15 Years S Wilson T Gibson K McNally.
Under 18 Years B Brocklebank S Wilson G Wilson
Girls C Hodgson G Stainton M Gibson.
13 Stone G Brocklebank J Hayhurst B Brocklebank
All Weights J Threlfall D Barnes G Brocklebank.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)


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