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Friday July 27 2.30 Langholm U12 / U16 / Ladies / 11½st/ 13st / AW
Saturday July 28 2.30 Penrith U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls U15 / Ladies / 11½st / 13st /AW
Saturday July 28th - 2.00pm Beetham U12 / U14 / U16 / U18 / Girls / 12.5st / AW
Sunday July 29 12.30 Flookburgh U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / 11.5st / 13st/ AW
Saturday August 4th 1.00 Cockermouth U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 11.5st / 13st / AW
Saturday August 4th - 2.30 Powburn U10 / U13 / U16 / 11.5st / AW / Local Novices
Sunday August 5th Gilsland CANCELLED
Thursday August 9th 3.00 Ings U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / 12.5st / AW

Coniston Country Fair was a show place for Kendal Academy for they provided six winners, ranging from Harold Wilson in the Under 12s to the All Weights victor, Joseph Robson.

The only exception to the Kendal rule was lightweight champion Jack Brown who trains at Carlisle. He travelled the long and winding road from his home in Northumberland to the far west of Cumbria where the Coniston showfield is on the shoreline of the lake. His presence continued a wrestling feast which ensues when he and Ben Brocklebank meet in the ring. The two lads are perfectly matched by age, stature, experience, determination and skill.

Brocklebank struck first when the two met in the semi-final of the Under 18s and it took all three falls to produce a winner. A buttock, low to the ground, after much tussling, gave first blood to Brocklebank.

Of course, as usual, the story did not end there because Jack Brown picked himself up, dusted himself down (not that there is much dust around, this year) and started all over again in the 11½ Stones. He and Ben Brocklebank met, inevitably, in the final and Jack took the first fall in bustling fashion with a hipe. In the next hold he was struggling to survive when Ben took all the hold, but he saved the day with a cross-click which sat his opponent on the grass.

Strangely enough that was as far as these two progressed for each was eliminated from the 13 stones by Adrian Myers, a local who works in the fells and turns out at a few wrestling events each year. At Langdale Gala Graham Brocklebank had struggled to beat Myers, but this time in the Coniston final he bossed the show with a hipe and back-heel.

The All Weights was a tough test for the eventual winner, Joseph Robson, for he had to beat all the main contenders. In the first round Thomas Brocklebank used his power well to control Robson and rush him forward to the ground. After that, though, Robson settled into his clever style of wrestling where he moves his opponent around apparently not doing very much until he suddenly strikes with a cross-buttock when a half chance appears.

He continued in the same vein in the next round against Graham Brocklebank for the first fall, but then lost the second. For the decider Robson came out positively and won with an outside-hipe and a big twist.

The final with 15st Champion David Barnes was an interesting but scrappy affair. In the first fall Barnes went for the hank, which he used so devastatingly against Andrew Ord in the championship final, but this time Robson managed to smother it, and Barnes fell first. The second fall ended messily when the two wrestlers fell together as Robson tried to buttock, but Barnes had broken hold in mid action.

Harold Wilson won the Under 12s twice after a late-comer for the main competition provided an impromptu challenge match. Sam Wilson, so used to struggling against heavier opposition, had a comparatively easy ride to win the Under 15s, though he did have to resort to full out hank against George Wilson in the semi-final.

The Threlfall family on a camping/wrestling excursion to Cumbria, provided most of the wrestlers at North Lonsdale Show, near Ulverston. The closest fought final was the 13 stones when Wayne Rothery took a fall from James Hayhurst with a twist over the knee, but was beaten in the decider.

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2012)

Coniston Country Fair
Event First Second Third
U12 Years H Wilson O Tillwood J Edmundson
U15 Years S Wilson J Wilson G Wilson
U18 Years B Brocklebank G Wilson J Brown
Girls D Wilson S Quich O Wilson
11½ stone J Brown B Brocklebank S Reichel
13 Stone G Brocklebank A Myers J Brown.
All Weights J Robson D Barnes G Brocklebank
North Lonsdale Show
Event First Second Third
U12 Years Jack Threlfall Jacob Threlfall J Haughton
U16 Years J Hayhurst Joshua Threlfall. J Sweetnam
13 Stone J Hayhurst W Rothery J Sweetnam.
All Weights Joe Threlfall J Hayhurst W Rothery

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)


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