Under 18 World Championship declared VOID .............. RERUN at Alston Gala


Sunday June 24th 3pm - Patterdale 3 pm - U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / 11½ St / 13 St / AW
Saturday June 30th - Alston 2pm - INCLUDING U18 Championaship
Sunday July 1st - Langdale 2pm -U9 / U12 / U15 / U18 / U21 and 11 Stone / Ladies 10St / Ladies Open / 13 St / AW
Sunday July 1st - Distington
Saturday July 7th - Skelton

The CWWA Under 18 Years World Championship, held during the Hethersgill Vintage Rally at Carlisle Airport in early May, has been declared void by the Wrestling Association and will be wrestled again in a week's time at Alston Gala.

The original winner, Ryan Dolan of Dundee Wrestling Club, was ineligible because he was already eighteen years old at the time of the event. Wrestlers from Kendal who went to compete in the Breton Backhold Championships in February thought that Dolan had competed in an older age-group over there, when our entries had to be verified by a passport. They checked his face-book page on the internet and found that the date-of-birth there made him too old to compete at Under 18. When contacted by the CWWA he eventually accepted that he was too old.

At present the Championship trophies and prize money are in the hands of Frazer Hirsch, a senior wrestler at the Dundee Wrestling Club, who has undertaken to return them in the next week.

Once it was established that the Championship result could not stand, what then had to happen? A special meeting of the CWWA Governing Board was convened last week and two options were discussed: should the results of the original competition stand, with the runner-up moving up to first place, or should the championship be declared void and wrestled again at a later date.

The situation was further complicated because the runner-up, Wlliam Hayhurst, has a shoulder injury, and was unlikely to compete in a future event. The point was also made that he had felled most of the main contenders on his way to the final. Considerable sympathy was expressed for William Hayhurst's situation, but it was pointed out that Dolan had felled other wrestlers in early rounds, and that his wrongful presence in a knockout draw skewed everything. There was overwhelming support for the Championship to be re-wrestled.

The first suitable date was chosen so the 2012 Under 18 Years World Championship will be held at Alston Gala on Saturday, 30th June. Any wrestler who was in the original entry at Carlisle Airport, but has since reached his eighteenth birthday will be eligible to compete. Otherwise, the normal rule, that a wrestler must be the correct age on the day of the competition, stands.

A subsequent meeting of the CWWA Disciplinary Committee handed out a three-month ban to Ryan Dolan, so he will be unable to compete in our affiliated events until late September.

Of course, if we had a membership system for all wrestlers, this problem would never have happened. The Scottish Wrestling Bond only allows wrestlers into competitions if they pay up for SWB membership. On the other hand, C&W wrestling has always been "open to the world". There are events such as that at Ennerdale Bridge where there are few regular wrestlers but a host of lads who give themselves and the spectators a grand display of competitive wrestling - our local heritage alive and well. Paperwork could kill that enthusiasm.

Age problems are nothing new for the CWWA Governing Board. In the earliest Minute Book held by the Secretary, dating from about 1910 a young lad was accused entering for an Under 16 class when he was over-age. There was no Disciplinary Committee for him. He was immediately passed on to the local Magistrates and charged with corruption. Happy Days!

On a lighter note, it is good that the Sumo wrestlers from Doncaster are still contemplating a visit to compete in some of our events. And at Arlecdon Primary Scchool a wrestling session was put on by Craig Naylor and Jack Ewart. Last year the two of them travelled down to The Royal Cornish Show to give an exhibition for the Cornish wrestlers and were well received. Nearer at home, at Arlecdon School, Craig Naylor found "a lot of potential". Perhaps they will compete at Ennerdale this year.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)


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