Two Championships decided in the Rain


Sunday June 24th 3pm - Patterdale - U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / 11½ St / 13 St / AW
Saturday June 30th - Alston
Sunday July 1st - Langdale
Sunday July 1st - Distington
Saturday July 7th Skelton


Two Championships were decided in the rain: the Under 15 Years/8stones at a damp and enthusiastic Killington Sports, and the 15 stones at the stark aftermath of the Cumberland Show with the wrestlers in the main ring while the big crowd is noisy but hidden in the Members' marquee.


The result at Killington was not unexpected, as Sam Wilson, son of Kendal Academy's Coach, John Wilson, has been one of our cleverest young wrestlers for a few years, held back only by his lack of weight. At Killington he was the right age and the right weight, and he fulfilled the expectations that were on him. Kane McNally of Milnthorpe Academy was the other finalist, and a worthy opponent, but it was Sam Wilson's day.


David Barnes, the new 15stones World Champion, was a surprise, not because his wrestling talent was unrecognised, but because we had forgotten about him. I trained his father, Michael, to wrestle in 1970 when I taught at Trinity School, Carlisle. He did well as a boy but disappeared from view. Years later he turned up with his two boys, Paul and David, and they trained at Carlisle under Tom Harrington and Alan Jones. In 2006 all that came to fruition when David entered for the CWWA Centenary 13½ Stones at Rothbury Mart. The £500 first prize drew 25 genuine contenders to the Mart and David Barnes was top man, winning the final bout with an unusual chip for a big man…the hank. Then he went off to work in Yorkshire, and only recently did he return to work at the new Sainsburys in Penrith.

In the final of the Championship he was up against the All Weights Champion, Andrew Ord, whose tall physique and prodigious strength is always a challenge to other wrestlers. Barnes, with no competitive experience for some time, had thought out a cunning plan, and he carried it out with stunning flair. As soon as the referee said "wrestle", he went close to his man, engaged the hank, fell backwards and then tightened the throw to bring Ord over cleanly beneath him. Then he did it again. His skill was further recognised when Harold Armstrong awarded him the Guinness Trophy for the best performance of the day.


Three events on the Saturday, plus Killington two days before kept wrestlers busy, especially the Rothbury youngsters who seemed to be enjoying themselves in all parts of the area. Harry Bertram, won the Under 12s at Killington and entered every other event possible in the sports.

At the Roman Wall Show he acquitted himself so well that he was awarded the best performance trophy.

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2012)

Event First Second Third
U9 Years G. Singer Jack Threlfall L. Garnett
U12 Years H. Bertram A. Mullins S. Gorst
U15 Years A. Singer S. Wilson G. Wilson
U18 Years M. Atkinson B. Brocklebank J. Bellamy
Girls U18 Years C. Hodgson H. Hodgson R. Hodgson
U15 Years/8 St World Championship S. Wilson C. McNally M. Hutchinson
13 Stone G. Brocklebank B. Orrego B. Brocklebank
All Weights T. Brocklebank J. Hall J. Robson
Roman Wall Show
Event First Second Third
U 12 Years H. Bertram A. Storey G. Singer
U 16 Years Joe Hall T. Gibson H. Bertram
11½ Stone J. Harrington Joe Hale C. Whitfield
13½ Stone J. Harrington C. Moore  
All Weights A. Ord Jack Hale J. Davidson
Cumberland Show
Event First Second Third
U12 Years M. Wharton H. Alecock T. Hodgson
U15 Years G. Wilson Joe Hale T. Gibson
Girls U15 Years M. Gibson R. Hodgson G. Coulthard
U18 Years M. Atkinson W. Atkinson G. Wilson
8 Stone T. Wilson M. Wharton G. Singer
12 Stone A. Carlile D. Miller G. Wilson
15 St World Championship D. Barnes A. Ord Jack Hale
All Weights A. Ord Jack Hale J. Davidson
Event First Second Third
U 7 Years D. Preece R. Hodgson E. Preece
U 12 Years H. Wilson A. Hodgson T. Hodgson
U 14 Years A. Taylor S. Wilson A. Briggs
U 16 Years S. Wilson A. Taylor A. Briggs
Girls C. Hodgson H. Hodgson A. Walbank
12 Stone B. Brocklebank D. Hodgson H. Hodgson
All Weights G. Brocklebank B. Brocklebank D. Hodgson
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)


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