The Northern District Field Day of Cumbria Young Farmers Clubs


Monday June 4th 1.30pm - Northumberland Show Corbridge - U14 / U18 / Girls / Ladies / 11½ St / 13½ St / AW Thursday June 7th 6.45pm - Killington - U9 / U12 / U15 / 8 St Championship / Girls / U18 / 13 St / AW
Saturday June 9th 1 pm - Roman Wall - U13 / U17 / 11½ St / 13½ St / AW
Saturday June 9th 3. 30 Cumberland Show - U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls U15 / 8 St / 12 St / 15 St Championship / AW
Saturday June 9th 7 pm - Low Gill - U7 / U12 / U14 / U16 / Girls / 12 St / AW

"The youth of today" are lazy / rude / disrespectful / violent / greedy and hang around doing nothing all day ....... or so the cliché goes. But anyone who was at Jacksonrigg Farm, near Longtown, last Saturday would tell you exactly the opposite. At the end of a long and busy day, more than a thousand young people surrounded the tug-o'-war competition without a policeman in sight. The Northern District Field Day of Cumbria Young Farmers Clubs involves a huge range of competitions and each of the clubs makes sure that everyone has a job, whether it is to write and recite a dialect poem, flower arranging, running 100 metres in wellies, shearing a sheep ……. or wrestling.

Of course, in the YFC ranks are several highly trained, successful wrestlers who grace our rings throughout the summer and autumn, and they had their success: Kieron Miller won the 9½ stones with his hiping; John Harrington felled David Miller with as good an outside-stroke as you will see all season in the final of the 11½ stones, but the Heavyweights went to a Novice, the big rugby player, Robert Marrs of Caldbeck YFC.

With plenty of power and wrestling instinct on display, the men's wrestling was never dull, but the women's wrestling was even better. From the start of the 10 stones, a little scrap of a lass, Nicola Smith of Brampton, or "Titch" as her own shirt proclaimed, proved that quality is better than quantity. She must have coiled springs inside her legs because they never buckled against bigger opposition until she reached the final against Fiona Laurie of Kirklinton. Fiona knows about wrestling and has competed at Grasmere, but even she lost a fall to the mighty atom that is Nicola Smith before winning the day.

In the Over 10 stones again quality told. Each year I see Sandra Woodend of Drigg at the Waberthwaite Academy Open Night but she never goes on the mats these days. At the Field Day she came out of retirement, and we saw what we have been missing in recent years. Against bigger opposition throughout, she stayed balanced and in control, gained hold and then used it to hipe and twist her opponents.

Alan Jones, the Carlisle Wrestling Club coach was an interested spectator, for all the competitors had to go through his hands to secure a letter of attendance at a wrestling club to enable them to compete. In his mind ten sessions each would have been a good idea, but at least those taking part had sampled competitive wrestling.

Wrestling becomes much more serious next week when the Northumberland Show takes place at Corbridge on Monday, and the Under 15/8st Championship is held on Thursday evening at Killington. On the following Saturday a wrestler can compete at three events: the Roman Wall Show at 1pm, the Cumberland Show (including the 15st Championship) at 3.30pm, and Lowgill at 7pm

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2012)

Young Farmer's Field Day - North Cumbria
Event First Second Third Fourth
9½ Stone K. Miller G. Irving J. Dixon T. Gibson
11½ Stone J. Harrington D. Miller N. Jordan G. Bowe
Over 11½ Stone R. Marrs G. Denby J. Dickinson I. Steel
Women 10 Stone F. Laurie N. Smith M. Gibson L. Potts
Women Over 10 Stone S. Woodend S. Magennis F. Steele A. McGregor
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)


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