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Saturday 12th May 2pm - Sedbergh Gala U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / 13 / AW

Wrestlers from Rothbury, Kendal, Carlisle and Dundee came together for the opening event of the Wrestling Association's Grass Season. The main draw was the Under 18 Years Championship, and all the main contenders were there.

The competitive nature of the event was underlined by the number of matches which needed three holds to decide the winner. In fact, the eventual winner, Ryan Dolan, lost a fall against each opponent. In the first round young Archie Singer from Rothbury was a foot shorter than Dolan but still managed to take the middle fall with a reverse twist. In the decider an emphatic back-heel put paid to Singer's aspirations.

In the next round, Dolan got off to a poor start when James Hayhurst wriggled off a hipe and twisted down. In the second fall, Dolan made a better job of the hipe, and gained a spectacular fall. The decider was one of those close falls which comes when a hank is in play as the wrestlers fall. On this occasion Dolan twisted enough to take the fall.

A bye in the semi-final took Dolan to the final where he met William Hayhurst, who was wrestling for the first time since injuring his shoulder over a year ago. Hayhurst gained a good hold and then crushed Dolan's buttock attempt when it came. Dolan then equalised with a back-heel. Dolan's height and power make the back-heel particularly effective, and he again turned to it in the decider, this time finishing it off with a big twist. The Under 18 trophy with so many famous names engraved on it was heading north to Dundee.

On the following day a query was made to the CWWA regarding the age of one of the competitors, and that is at present under investigation.

The other impressive wrestling came in the men's events when Jack Brown of Haydon Bridge came alive and showed the timing and experience he has accumulated over many years even though he is so young. I remember particularly a sweetly time buttock which transformed in a moment a dodgy situation into a win, and he must have enjoyed felling Kendal's Matthew Atkinson in the final with Atkinson's own speciality, the swinging inside-click.

The All Weights brought together in the final two excellent wrestlers who rarely meet. Graham Brocklebank rarely ventures north of Shap Summit, while Frazer Hirsch lives so far north in Dundee and is involved with the Scottish Wrestling Bond events so that his appearances in our area are limited. Their first hold was a fairly routine affair with Hirsch going to buttock, but stopped and thrown up then down by Brocklebank.. The final bout was good to watch and short in duration. Hirsch went for the swinging hipe, the "birl", he would call it. Brocklebank was well launched, but recovered enough to use Hirsch's momentum to fling him up and round and down.

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2012)

Hethersgill Vintage Club
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years H. Bertram T. Hayhurst J. Guy
Under 15 Years G. Wilson S. Wilson H. Bertram
Under 18 Years Championship R. Dolan W. Hayhurst B. Brocklebank
Girls M. Hirsch L. Hirsch T. Bertram
12½ Stone J. Brown M. Atkinson J. Hayhurst
All Weights G. Brocklebank F. Hirsch J. Hayhurst
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)


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