The 2012 wrestling season gets underway


Sunday, 6th May 12.30pm - Hethersgill Vintage Club at Carlisle Airport - U12 / U15 / U18Championship / Girls / 12½ stone / AW

Don't worry about the bad weather, the real summer starts next Sunday when the wrestling season opens at Carlisle Airport. Top of the wrestling bill is the Under 18 Years Championship, "open to the world".

A new champion is guaranteed as the holder, Jimmy Hall of Lanwathby, reached his sell-by date in February. He was, and is, an exceptional figure with his weight, strength and natural ability honed by years of training, so his absence opens up the field. All the other likely lads from last year are eligible as far as I know.

The Kendal Academy lads with their shiny new battle-bus will probably lead the charge with Messrs Atkinson, Hayhurst and Brocklebank in the lead. The last time I saw William Atkinson, he was hobbling around with a football injury, so may be a doubt. The last time I saw Ben Brocklebank was at the Kendal Open Night at Grayrigg Village Hall when he took the prize for the best performance in all the wrestling, so he is obviously on form and improving.

Carlisle Wrestling Club has some good wrestlers at the right age, but the wrong weight. David Miller shone on the mats this winter, and Jack Brown last year showed that he could compete successfully amongst the men. The last time I heard of Jack Brown, though, he had come off his horse at Dalston Point-to-Point, in his parallel life, so I hope he is fit to compete.

The other academies are unknown quantities, particularly Waberthwaite, which demonstrated at its Open Night that it has talent galore, but whether that can be transported out of the hall and into the wrestling ring is always an uncertainty. Rothbury Academy lacks anyone of the appropriate age, but they have two good youngsters in Dan Brown and Archie Singer.

The Wrestling Association held its annual referees' meeting last week and a very positive occasion it was. The meeting served to remind referees of the rules and obligations they must know and fulfil. The most animated section of the meeting was when the subject of communication came up. The complaint was that referees were not checking with the judges after each fall, if they thought that the decision was obvious. From now on both judges should give their verdict clearly and audibly after the fall. After that the referee must make sure the commentator is given the result and that the wrestler indicates his success by raising his hand in the air….but not before he is told to.

In a new departure all referees will be assessed during the season, and the three assessors were elected from and by those present at the meeting. Those chosen were Alf Harrington, Tom Harrington and Jimmy Pringle… the three wise men.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)


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