Final Junior Points Results for INDOOR SEASOn at Carlisle Wrestling Club


Wednesday 21st March - Final Senior Points Night, Carlisle Wrestling Club
Saturday 24th March - Waberthwaite Open Night in the village hall -
Ages: Under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 years. Weights: 6st, 7st, 9st, 10½st, 12st, 13st, All Weights and Ladies.

Saturday 31st March - Kendal Open Night.

Carlisle Wrestling Club’s mats were pounded by a mass of youngsters who turned out for the last Points Night competitions of the indoor season, and best of all, by a unanimous decision of the judges, was Abigail Marston.

Abi is one of those young wrestlers who has a raw deal in the summer months, because she rarely competes on a level playing field/wrestling ring. She is either too slight in weight, or too young in age, to prosper. But those who know her from the indoor training sessions of winter, know that she is a skilled and knowledgeable wrestler beyond her years. Alan Jones, the Carlisle coach, especially notices that she readily takes on board and uses the comments and refinements which are all part of good coaching.

She and Mark Wharton began the night with equal points in the 6 stones, and they inevitably met in the final where she showed how she could both defend and attack. The first fall came from a counter when she twisted Wharton as he came to back-heel. The second fall was all attack, when Marston went for a classic inside-click which left Wharton on his back.

Mark Wharton had his own moment of triumph in the Under 12 Years, for over the previous three instalments from November to February, he only dropped one point. This week he faced the tenacious Joe Wales, and buttocked him.

Thomas Wales, won his own weight at 7stones and then in the 8½ stones benefited from the increased weight of Thomas Gibson and Kieron Miller, who were the front runners in the points tally. Even though he was weighed out, Thomas Gibson still won the 8½st points trophy because he had already won three times before he had too many breakfasts. In any case he won the Under 15 Years where his weight was an advantage to add to his proven skills.

One of the main delights of the evening came in the final of the 10 stones when two brothers, David and Kieron Miller reached the final. Although they compete on the grass in summer, and show many glimpses of their potential, those of us who watch them week by week, know that their time will come when they compete on equal terms in weight competitions for men. Kieron is the younger and lighter of the brothers, and usually David copes with him from long experience, but occasionally, Kieron’s timing and technical ability catches out his older brother. That was the case in the first bout of the final, when Kieron got David on the run and never let him recover, despite desperate efforts. David Miller was on full alert in the next bout and he too won by a close twist and went on to win the third.

One of Carlisle’s most regular wrestlers, Jack Brown, who travels from Haydon Bridge to take part, had his reward with a good win in the Under 18 Years.

Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
6 Stone A Marston M Wharton J Wales H Wales
7 Stone T Wales A Marston M Wharton W Wilson
8½ Stone T Wales M Wharton H Alecock W Wilson
10 Stone D Miller K Miller M Gibson T Gibson
Girls 7½ Stone A Marston H Wharton G Coulthard J Wharton
Girls Open M Gibson J Wharton A Marston H Wharton
Under 12 Years M Wharton J Wales G Coulthard J Wharton
Under 15 Years T Gibson T Wales M Gibson A Marston
Under 18 Years J Brown K Miller T Gibson A Marston
Carlisle Junior Points Night Winners for 2011-2012
6 Stone 7 Stone 8½ Stone 10 Stone Girls 7½ Stone Girls Open Under 12 Years Under 15 Years Under 18 Years
Abi Marston Thomas Wales Thomas Gibson David Miller Abi Marston Megan Gibson Mark Wharton Thomas Gibson Jack Brown
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)

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