Wrestling Families maintaining the Tradition


Wednesday 15th February - Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior points Night

Families play a large part in Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling, and always have. For example, the Brocklebanks in North Lancashire, the Harringtons in North Cumbria, the Davidsons in Northumberland have always had active wrestlers for fifty years, and there are many more examples. Family connections ease the youngsters into the wrestling ring to do single combat in front of a crowd because they think that it is normal: after all, dad did it.

At Carlisle Wrestling Club that trend was particularly obvious when Penrith auctioneer, John Wharton, brought his family along to join his brother Robert’s family on the mats for the club’s February Junior Points Night fifty years after their father and uncle, identical twins, dominated the junior wrestling.

Of course, the sport is not reserved just for these old-established dynasties, and two other families figured prominently in the Points Night. The culmination of this was the final of the 10 stones when brother and sister, Thomas and Megan Gibson contested the final. Megan struck to take the first fall, then there were two dog-falls, before Thomas found the right strategy and won the next two falls. This and success in two other categories caught the attention of the judges, and he was awarded the trophy for the night’s best performance, with Mark Wharton and Abi Marsden also commended.

Thomas Wales, in the more masculine socks, grapples Abi Marsden round the neckThe Wales family, Thomas, Harry and Joe, also made their mark. For a year or two the boys have taken an interest in wrestling, competing at the likes of Dalston Show, but this year they have made the big step of turning up regularly for coaching from the Carlisle coaches, Tom Harrington. Alan Jones and Andrew Carlile. The benefits are plain to be seen in all their bouts, and Thomas won the 7 stones.

The Great Boxing Booth Revival is gathering pace, and its organisers are trying to involve Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling. The Booth is a boxing ring in a tent used to stage and showcase sport in this Olympic year, and will be present at nine of our affiliated events this summer, ranging from Egremont Crab Fair in the West, Powburn in the far North, Stanhope in Weardale and the Shows at Penrith and Skelton in North Cumbria.

The problem lies in finding wrestlers willing to demonstrate their sport and with the time to do it. The organisers want a tight schedule, but wrestlers will be competing, and unable to commit to particular times. Certainly, the booth would be a good way of bringing our sport to the public, and our coaches may wish to be involved. Discussions are ongoing.

Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
6 Stone A Marston M. Wharton J. Wales C. Wharton
7 Stone T. Wales M. Wharton J. Gibson A. Marston
8½ Stone T. Gibson M. Wharton T. Wales H. Wales
10 Stone T. Gibson M. Gibson M. Wharton T. Wales
Girls 7½ Stone H. Wharton A. Marston J. Wharton Z. Marston
Girls Open M. Gibson A. Marston H. Wharton J. Gibson
Under 12 Years M. Wharton J. Wales H. Wharton J. Gibson
Under 15 Years T.Gibson T. Wales M. Gibson M. Wharton
Under 18 Years J. Hall J. Brown M. Gibson T. Gibson
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)

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