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Wednesday 8th February - Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night, Currock House Gym
Wednesday 15th February
- Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior points Night

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Arsène Wenger, Alex Ferguson and Carlisle United are always, and without exception, let down by every referee in every football match. The fact that the referee patrols a hectare of prime grassland, that the action take place at unfeasibly high speed, and the ref is limited to a single set of eyes usually pointing in the same direction, could be mitigating circumstances.
Of course, in Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, with the ring only 14 metres in diameter, and the three sets of gimlet eyes of the referee and judges focused on the action, no mistakes could possibly be made. Could they?

ANCIENT: referee 1878


In London in 1878 a judge needed two sticks, a beard, top hat, large coat, a sandglass to time the tekkin hod, and two flags to signal the winner, for each wrestler wore different coloured arm-bands.
In my youth, and for much of my wrestling career, the officials used to chat cosily with their neighbours round the ring, and confer with the other judges in the middle of the ring, to argue the merits of the bout. The referee was a local worthy trotted out each year for the local show even though he knew nothing about the wrestling rules and how they had changed since he last wrestled forty years previously. Or so it sometimes seemed.


AND MODERN: Referee Gavin Fox fully concentrated at Alwinton Show 2011


Thankfully, all that has changed. The referees, who are in charge of the bout, are on a centrally approved list. They monitor the safety of the ring, start the bout fairly, make sure that the two judges are focused on the job, and signal the result of the bout democratically arrived at by a majority decision. At least two officials have to agree before a decision is made. Or at least that is the theory, but it needs reaffirming each year with a referees' meeting for there is still controversy that needs addressing.



The referees' meeting this year will take place after the Spring Governing Board meeting so that the latest interpretations of the rules are included.

The CWWA is seeking the next generation of coaches, and is seeking anyone interested in taking the first step to coaching qualifications with the Basic Certificate. Anyone interested should contact me on 016974 73559.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)

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