Richard Fox's New Year not so 'Happy' just yet !

Richard Fox of Hethersgill had a great year of wrestling last year, for he won three Cumberland and Westmorland Championships, at 13st, 14st and 15st. But, this year has begun badly, for a piece of metal lodged in an eye whilst dismantling a building over a week ago, and despite operations in Newcastle, it remains there.

 Richard Fox felling Graham Brocklebank at Alwinton Show in October

Wrestlers were shocked to hear the news at the Carlisle Wrestling Club January Points Night, having turned up expecting to do battle with him on the mats, for he was leading the All Weights points tally. However, the wrestling show must go on and some keen bouts ensued. The night was one of quality, not quantity, with the Miller brothers, David and Kieron wrestling their hearts out against heavier opposition, always doing the right move but unable to make it stick because their opposition was the likes of Andrew Carlile and John Harrington.

One young lad who had a successful night was Jack Ewart of Westward, who has been a regular at the Club for many years and now, at a tall 14 stones, he is a force to be reckoned with. In the All Weights round-robin, he went through the whole entry without losing a fall, with hipes and big-striding back-heels.
John Harrington, having just failed to weigh in for lightweights, showed his class in winning the middleweights. David Miller proved a resilient opponent who landed on his feet after a Harrington swing, but generally Harrington hiped and twisted safely.
Andrew Carlile, too, wrestled well throughout, and ended the night on a high when he neatly countered a Harrington back-heel by speed of reaction. As an old Northumbrian wrestler said about John Richardson, many years ago: "The little divil's nivvor theer when he's wantit."

More of our wrestlers than last year have decided to travel to Brittany to take part in their back-hold championships on February 25th. The Kendal Academy wrestlers are going back for more after their successful foray last year, and there will be wrestlers and supporters from Carlisle, Rothbury and Waberthwaite, twelve in all. One reason for the long continuation of this international connection is that we are made so welcome. As soon as I sent off the list to Guipavas, one of the organisers, Marie-Thé Priol, replied immediately : "We are so pleased to see you again," and offered to meet us off the Ferry.


Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points Night
EventFirstSecondThird Fourth
11½ Stone A CarlileD MillerK Miller N/A
13 Stone J HarringtonA CarlileD Miller K Miller
All Weights J Ewart A Carlile J Harrington R Wharton
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (2012)

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