Andrew Carlile reCeives his LSPA Award


Wednesday, 4th January 7.30pm Carlisle Wrestling Club training at Currock House

Some weeks ago the Lakeland Sports Promoters Association awards were presented at a luncheon which celebrated the running and wrestling traditions of the Lakeland sports. Andrew Carlile, a coach at Carlisle Wrestling Club, was nominated, but was unable to attend. At the last training session of 2011 at Currock House, I as vice-chairman of the LSPA, presented him with his trophy, after citation of his achievements.

Andrew Carlile, (3rd from left in the back row) with his LSPA trophy and surrounded by the young wrestlers he was training last week at the Carlisle Wrestling Club, Currock House

The LSPA events are mostly in the South of Cumbria and are not the natural habitat of Carlisle wrestlers, but some big events such as Ambleside, Grasmere and the Westmorland Show draw wrestlers from all regions and that was where Andrew Carlile flourished. He had gone to an early event, Killington Sports, expecting a lightweight competition, but when he got there he found the weights had changed and he wrestled at 13 stones, and excelled to come second. The only other LSPA events he attended were Grasmere and the Westmorland Show and at each he produced the highest standard of wrestling. At Kendal he won the 12 stones in good company,while at Grasmere he won two weights and the Guinness Trophy for the best performance in all the wrestling.
The nominations for the LSPA Lakeland Sports Personality are not merely the result of adding up points, but notice was taken of Carlile's role as a main coach at the Carlisle Wrestling Club and his role in training and managing teams for international events.
At both Grasmere and Kendal he had met one of his protégés, Jack Brown, in the final and beaten him. But already Brown had set the alarm bells ringing when he felled Carlile in the 11st Championship. Straight after the LSPA presentation, the wrestlers competed in the Senior Points competition on the Currock House mats and twice Jack Brown felled Andrew Carlile, the pupil beating the teacher.
Jack Brown, the 10½ stone and Under 18/10 stone Champion, was on fire and went unbeaten in the Lightweights and Middleweights…..a credit to his coaches.
In the All Weights section two more champions entered the lists, James Hall (Under 18 Years) and Richard Fox (13 stone, 14 stone, and 15 stone champion). Jack Ewart, too, added to the strong field. Although pushed all the way, Richard Fox, proved the best wrestler on the night.

At many wrestling events a photographer professional enough to use a tripod has been compiling a dossier of photographs of wrestling and its background. David Ellison lives out of the area but returns regularly to build up his folio. If you want to know more about his ideas and photographs look on the Internet at

RESULTS - Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points for December
Event First Second Third Fourth
11½ stone J. Brown A. Carlile D. Miller K. Miller
13 stone J. Brown A. Carlile D. Miller K. Miller
All Weights R. Fox J. Hall J. Ewart A. Carlile

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (December 8th 2011)

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