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Sunday, 11th December (7.30pm) Slide Show of 2011 Wrestling Season at Currock House
Wednesday, 14th December (8.30pm) Senior Points Night, Carlisle Wrestling Club.

As the rain and sleet whistles past at eighty miles an hour, it is good to think of heading south to wrestle in warmer places. But, unfortunately, one of the southernmost and warmest wrestling venues for 2012, the European Youth Championships in Leon, Spain, has been cancelled. A terse message to the International Federation secretary stated: "En raison de la crise économique, nous ne pouvons réaliser le championnat. Nous avons essayé mais nous n'avons pas obtenu l'argent." In other words they have tried hard but they are skint. The financial climate is worse than our hailstones.
One excellent international event is still on offer. Once more our wrestlers have been invited to compete in the 10th Breton Backhold Championships in Guipavas, near Brest on Saturday 25th February. Last year a group of mainly Kendal wrestlers had a grand time and wrestled well. This year the Northumbrians have already expressed interest, and others have till January 15th to make up their minds. There are five male age-groups and two for females, all divided into more than thirty categories.

Meanwhile back home the main focus of wrestling is a celebration of the 2011 season. The Lakeland Sports Promoters Association held their award ceremony recently and wrestlers featured prominently. In the junior category George Wilson of Kendal was nominated for the Under 12s. He had a steady start to the season with a series of second places in the LSPA events. Then he came thoroughly alive in the second half of the year with wins at several events including the big ones at Grasmere and the Westmorland Show.
Connie Hodgson was again nominated in the Juniors for she had a virtually unbeaten season, losing only in the final at Ambleside.
The winner of the main Junior award was James Hayhurst, who was simply unbeaten in his own age-group, won many events above his age and at Egremont looked like felling everyone until he hurt his leg in the All Weights.
In the Seniors Andrew Carlile, a Carlisle Wrestling Club coach was nominated because of his stellar performances at Grasmere, where he won twice, and at the Westmorland Show. The awards are not just an adding-up exercise and Carlile's contribution to coaching and organising wrestling was also recognised
The most successful senior wrestler was Graham Brocklebank, who lives in the area where most of the LSPA events are held. He had five wins, including Grasmere and the Westmorland Show.

The overall winner and Lakeland Sports Personality of the Year was a runner, Melanie Hyder, who is international class, yet still competes at the likes of Killington and Beetham Sports. At Rusland she won the five mile event, and then just to warm down she also won the "short" race, a mere mile and a half. She is the first woman to win the trophy since its inception in the seventies.
Another look back at the 2011 season is the slide show at Currock House at 7.30 on Sunday 14th which launches the CD of photographs and weekly articles. Since 2004 this exercise has provided an unusual Christmas present and extensive record of each wrestling season.
Carlisle wrestling Club is finishing for Christmas on the 14th December, but the last night of 2011 will include the third Senior Points Night

Wrestlers and fans will be shocked to hear that the indestructible multi champion Tom Harrington has spent the week in hospital. At first it was thought to be a heart condition, but the eventual diagnosis was that he had a clot on his lungs. He is improving greatly with treatment and will be out of hospital soonish. We wish him well.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (December 8th 2011)

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