Academy Shield 2011


Sunday, 11th December (7.30pm) Slide Show of 2011 Wrestling Season at Currock House
Wednesday, 14th December (8.30pm) Senior Points Night, Carlisle Wrestling Club.

Carlisle Wrestling Club wrested the Academy Shield back from Kendal Academy, last year's winner, at a fascinating night of wrestling at Currock House, Carlisle. At one point Carlisle seemed to be running away with the competition, seven points ahead after nine weights, and only four to go but the Kendal lads in the heavier sections kept winning all their falls and the gap was narrowing round by round.
Graham Brocklebank was a key part of that for he wrestled at 14st and 15st for Kendal and beat Richard Fox, Stuart Mason, Craig Naylor, Jack Ewart, Trevor Hodgson and Ashley Killip without losing a fall. At this point Donna Thompson restored the momentum that Carlisle had built up earlier, felling both the Hodgson sisters, Connie and Hannah. Connie has been a winner wherever she has competed this year, except at Ambleside where she was beaten in the final by none other than…. Donna.
Though Joseph Robson completed the Shield competition for Kendal with a full house of wins in the round-robin format, the Kendal race-horse which was going best in the final furlong, ran out of track and the Shield came back to Carlisle.
Earlier the flyweight lads at 6 and 7 stones were so even that after the first two categories each academy had won three falls, but after that the Carlisle wrestlers were almost unbeatable. In the section from 8st to 13st, Carlisle lost only one fall as Thomas Gibson, Kieron Miller, Megan Gibson, Jack Brown, Andrew Carlile and John Harrington all had perfect scores.

The standard of the wrestling throughout was such that the four Academies nominated four different wrestlers for the "Best Wrestler" trophy, and Peter Hunter, a master-judge agreed by all, gave the nod to Graham Brocklebank. He promptly showed himself a worthy winner by also winning the Open All Weights competition. His brother, Ben, wrestling at new levels, took the 13 stones, felling James Hayhurst in the final.
Although the match was dominated by Carlisle and Kendal, the two other academies, Milnthorpe and Waberthwaite gave a good account of themselves and were still in contention to the halfway stage when their lack of senior wrestlers told against them.
The only downside of the Academy Shield was the absence of the Rothbury Academy. At present they have a strong class of youngsters, but above 8st they were depleted by those scourges of wrestling such as University education, Army Cadets, and world travel, and were unable to field a competitive team.

Academy Shield 2011
Event First Second Third Fourth
Overall Results CARLISLE (31 Points) KENDAL (27) MILNETHORPE (10) WABERTHWAITE (9)
Open Competitions
Event First Second Third
6 Stone M. Hutchinson R. Turner J. Gibson
Under 11 Years M Wharton J Gibson Jack Threlfall
Under 14 Years J Lashley Josh Threlfall M Kirkham
10½ Stone J Brown K Miller H King
13 Stone B Brocklebank J Hayhurst M Atkinson
All Weights G Brocklebank T Hodgson J Hall
Female 10 Stone M Gibson A Marsden  
Female Open C Hodgson H Hodgson  
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (November 10th 2011)







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