Points Night at Carlisle Wrestling Club


Saturday, 26th November 7pm weighing-in The Academy Shield, Currock House, Carlisle.

Carlisle Wrestling Club's indoor season is in full swing in the Gym at Currock House. The senior wrestlers are there with their sack-full of championships and years of achievement. But the young callants are there, too, testing the seniors every inch of the way and sometimes besting them.

Jimmy Hall of Langwathby had won the Under 18 Years, the previous week, but must have thought that his long wait to compete in the Senior All Weights had misfired when Richard Fox clamped on a back-heel that sent him sprawling on his back. But, the competition is wrestled as a round-robin, and when John Harrington neatly twisted Fox over the knee, any advantage was quashed. When the falls were added up, Fox and Hall were tied, and a wrestle-off was needed, which Hall won convincingly.

Jack Brown, too, had been well placed in the juniors, but in the seniors he had to contend with his coach, Andrew Carlile. Usually when you are coaching youngsters, it is wise to keep a few things to yourself, in case you need them later when you start to stiffen, but Carlile had obviously done his coaching without such machinations, and Brown felled him with a second back-heel when the first did not finish the job.

Only in the Middleweights did experience prevail, with Andrew Carlile and John Harrington taking the top places. Their conclusive bout ended suddenly when Harrington broke hold after "an accidental knee misplacement" temporarily left him without the will to live. Luckily, such accidents are surprisingly rare in our wrestling, but that was little consolation to John Harrington at the time, though he was able to recover and wrestle well in the next weight.

 The winners at Carlisle Wrestling Club's Points Night: (l to r) James Hall (All Weights), Jack Brown (Lightweights), and Andrew Carlile (Middleweights)

In the Junior Points Night held previously, the battered trophy for the best performance of the night went to Abbie Marsden who won three categories in good style. Abbie is one of those young wrestlers, well regarded by coaches because they listen and take on board the subtleties of the sport. Unfortunately, she is also slightly built and in the open competitions on the grass, her skills are overborne by the weight of the opposition. However, on the mats against equal opposition, she thrives.

Carlisle Jumior Points Night
Event First Second Third Fourth
6 Stone A Marsden M Wharton H Alecock E Wilson
7 Stone A Marsden M Wharton E Wilson H Alecock
8½ Stone K Miller T Gibson A Marsden E Wilson
10 Stone D Miller K Miller M Gibson T Gibson
Girls 7½ Stone E Wilson A Marsden    
Girls Open M Gibson A Marsden E Wilson  
Under 12 Years A Marsden M Wharton H Alecock J Gibson
Under 15 Years T Gibson M Gibson E Wilson M Wharton
Under 18 Years J Hall J Brown D Miller K Miller
Carlisle Men's Points Night
Event First Second Third Fourth
11½ |Stone J Brown A Carlile D Miller C Naylor
13 Stone A Carlile J Harrington D Miller J Brown
All Weights J Hall R Fox J Harrington J Ewart
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (November 10th 2011)







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