Wrestling Association Presentation Dinner


Wednesday, 16th November 8.45 Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points
Saturday, 26th November 7pm weighing-in The Academy Shield, Currock House, Carlisle.

As yet, there are no championship events for women, but there is one prestigious title to be won each year, the CWWA Victrix Ludorum trophy for the most points accumulated throughout the Grass Season. The Hodgson family, from Dent, always give a boost to the wrestling wherever they travel, and the most successful of them is Connie Hodgson. At the Wrestling Association' Presentation Dinner, held this year at Low Hesket Village Hall, she received the Ladies trophy. In the course of the season she won 23 events, only failing to win at Ambleside where Donna Thompson felled her in the final.

Several years ago I remember writing to the Breton organisers of their backhold championships to argue that special dispensation be given for her to compete even though she was below their age range. I argued that she was toughened up by being a farmer's daughter constantly handling calves and sheep, and that she was training with the lads at Kendal Academy. When she was small, she could cling on like a limpet. Now she has grown up into a strong, positive wrestler, nowhere better rewarded than at Grasmere Sports where she won both the Under 18s and the Ladies Open. And a smile is never far from her face.

There is no championship for Under 12 Years either, but there are many events each year, so the Victor Ludorum at that weight has to succeed widely. George Wilson of Kendal stood head and shoulders above the rest. At the start of the season, Thomas Gibson, in the last weeks before his twelfth birthday, kept Wilson from winning but at Alston Gala in late June all that changed, and from then on George Wilson was a regular winner, ending up with 66 points.

The Under 15s winner was no surprise. James Hayhurst of Natland won wherever he went to amass 26 wins. He had to work harder at Under 18 Years, but won that trophy, too.

By far the most successful senior wrestler was John Harrington of Bewaldeth, who once more took home two trophies, the Lightweights and Middleweights. He also figured highly in the All Weights category, but that was won by triple champion Richard Fox of Hethersgill.

Academies should now be in the throes of preparing a team for the Academy Shield, for it takes place in two weeks at Currock House, Carlisle. More immediately, and in fact, by the time you read this it has probably already happened, is an ITV programme "Ade in Britain" (4pm today) where the former "Young One" turned itinerant chef, cooks Cumbrian food and watches Cumbrian activities such as Gurning, Hound Trailing and Wrestling. The Kendal wrestlers put on a great display of hard wrestling for the cameras, and I was wheeled in as a sort of white-haired guru. Much will be on the cutting room floor, but it will be interesting to see what remains.

Carlisle Wrestling Club - Senior Points
Event First Second Third Fourth
Lightweights J. Brown A. Carlile D. Miller K. Miller
Middleweights A. Carlile J. Brown D. Miller K. Miller
All Weights J. Ewart A. Carlile J. Brown D. Miller
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (Novemeber 10th 2011)


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