Buttermere Show


Friday, 4th November at 7.30. CWWA Presentation Night at Low Hesket. Tickets from Alf Harrington

In 1947 Edgar Hayhurst won the 12st Championship. This year his great grandson James Hayhurst won the same title at Buttermere Show in the last gasp of a long wet season.

James Hayhurst is only fourteen years of age, yet wrestles with the assurance of a veteran and the strength of a man. On his way to the final he felled both the holder Andrew Carlile and John Harrington, the most prolific winner of wrestling in recent years.

Hayhurst's campaign did not begin well as Carlile neatly countered a back heel with a sudden twist. Then he got going with a swinging hipe for the equaliser, and then after a longer wrestle, finished Carlile off with a sross-buttock.

In the final against John Harrington, he used the cross-buttock again to take the lead. Normal service seemed to have resumed when John Harrington caught him with the inside-click which sent both wrestlers flying across the ring with Harrington in control. However, John Harrington is sparing with his use of the inside-click and tends to use it only when under pressure.

In the third and final fall Harrington seemed at last to be in control, for he had gained a good hold and had Hayhurst high on the hip. All that remained was for Harrington either to throw him back or bring him over the hip to swing into the ground as he has done countless times to so many wrestlers. Hayhurst decide to be the exception to the normal, and when Harrington prepared to dash him forward into the ground he slid his left leg forward so that, instead of being behind Harrington's right hip it was in front prepared for landing. From a defensive position he dropped into the attack and twisted Harrington to the ground.

Hayhurst had signalled to the world at Egremont Crab Fair that he was fit to beat anyone when he felled triple champion Richard Fox. He is now an experienced wrestler and has travelled far this season. His success is a tribute to the burgeoning strength of the Kendal Academy and its coach, John Wilson. Hayhurst's grandfather, Peter, 11st champion in the early sixties, is still one of the mainstays of Kendal Academy which was set up by such as his father, Edgar.

The Grass Season is now at an end, the academies all in action, and Saturday afternoons means Carlisle United and Brunton Park, not agricultural showfields, the intense crowd focused round the wrestling ring, and the continuation of a centuries old traditional Cumbrian sport that continues to thrill.

Next Friday, 4th November, the Wrestling Association holds its Presentation Night at Low Hesket Village Hall, near Carlisle when the most successful wrestlers over the season May to October receive their awards. Tickets are available from the CWWA Secretary, Alf Harrington.


Buttermere Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years G Wilson J Wilson B Edwards
Under 15 Years J Hayhurst S Wilson G Wilson
Under 18 Years J Hayhurst R Bland G Wilson
Ladies M Gibson P Bell M Edwards
12 Stone World Championship J Hayhurst J Harrington A Carlile
All Weights J Harrington A Carlile J Ewart
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (October 27th 2011)


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