Richard Fox makes it a hat trick with the 13, 14 and now the 15 Stone championships at Alwinton Show


Saturday 22nd Oct - 2.00 - Buttermere U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 12 St Championship / AW
Friday, 4th November
at 7.30. CWWA Presentation Night at Low Hesket. Tickets from Alf Harrington

The pick of the bunch: 15st Championship prizewinners (L to R) Andrew Ord, Graham Brocklebank, Alan Jones, and Richard Fox

Richard Fox has battled his way to three CWWA World Championships this season: the 13 stones at the Westmorland Show; the 14 stones at a sodden Powburn; and, last week he added the 15 stones title at Alwinton Show.

From the first bout of the championship when Graham Brocklebank, far from home, felled local star Jack Hale, every wrestle had its tensions and uncertainties, and plenty of dynamic action. Andrew Ord even found himself wrestling an American on his honeymoon from Vermont. Alan Jones, who had saved himself up all season for this moment, warmed up on another strong visitor who, mistakenly, fancied his chances. Richard Fox had to tread carefully with Kendal's Matthew Atkinson who is fit to fell anyone on his day.Richard Fox fells Alan Jones in the first fall of the 15st Championship final. Richard's dad, sitting in the background, looks pleased

In the second round Richard Fox put in some buttocking practice with Jason Davidson, then Alan Jones had to get down to some hard graft with John Harrington. After a tour of the fringes of the large Alwinton ring, Jones came out best with some wrench buttocking. The closest bout of all came with Graham Brocklebank and Andrew Ord, the title holder. Brocklebank struck first with a twist over the right knee, but Ord equalised with a hipe. It looked as though another Ord hipe was going to give him success, but his knees touched down just before his opponent landed.

The semi-final bout between Richard Fox and Graham Brocklebank was a re-run of their epic encounters at the big events: Ambleside, Grasmere and the Westmorland Show. Fox drew first blood with a deceptively simple ploy when he chested Brocklebank down after some action. For the second, Fox let fly with his best technique and Brocklebank flew high on a full buttock.

The final set Richard Fox against the wiles and strength of multi-champion, Alan Jones, whose whole season had focused on this moment. At first Jones prospered and had his chances when he launched in with a swinging hipe, but Fox landed on his feet and was able to twist Jones back for the first fall. Fox then took the initiative and caught Jones with a buttock which decisively finished the bout.

Local lad, Jack Hale, must have been disappointed with his showing in the championship, but he won a tough Under 21 competition, and was last man standing in the All Weights when he finished off the action with a flourish, hiping Robert Leiper with panache. John Harrington, too, can be proud of his win in the 11½ stones in an excellent final with Andrew Carlile.

The wrestling at Wasdale Head was literally a non-event. The Show begins at 11am and concludes with the wrestling at 4pm. This year, after five hours of rain everyone had gone soggily home, and no wrestling took place.

All that now remains of the 2011 season is Buttermere Show on October, 22nd, if you can find it, for the field is hidden half way up a mountain. There is an extra reason for making the journey this year, for the postponed 12st World Championship will take place there, with a grand show of Herdwick sheep at the field's edge.

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2011)

Alwinton Show
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years G Singer M Bates  
Under 13 Years Joe Hale G Wilson H Dishford
Girls Under 13 Years L Singer T Bertram  
Under 16 Years J Hayhurst D Brown Joe Hale
Under 21 Years Jack Hale J Hall J Ewart
11½ Stone J Harrington A Carlile J Hayhurst
15 Stone World Championship R Fox A Jones G Brocklebank
All Weights Jack Hale R Leiper J Hall
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, (October 10th 2011)


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