Drama and Action at thE Westmorland Show


Sat, 17th September 2pm - Egremont U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies/ 11½st / 13st / AW
Sun, 18th September 2.15 - Borrowdale U12 / U15 / U18 / 11½st / 13stg / AW
Saturday 24th September - Langholm Show - U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / 12 Stone World Championship / AW

The Westmorland Show is already a premier event in the wrestling calendar, but when you add the 13st World Championship to the programme with a £500 first prize, then you are guaranteed drama and intense action.

No-one is better able to focus that energy and determination, which turns an excellent wrestler into a great one, than Richard Fox. He had a light beginning with a bye in the first round; the young lightweight, Jack Brown, in the second; and the more challenging physique of Stuart Mason in the semi-final. Add to this the organisers' choice of single falls "sudden death", for the whole wrestling programme, and Fox had scarcely drawn breath before he was pitched into the Championship final against Graham Brocklebank.

The two wrestlers are perfectly matched for physique and style. Fox wrestles mainly in the North, and Brocklebank in the South (That is, North and South of Shap Summit), so there is no familiarity with each other's wrestling. As a result each bout is on a knife's edge. My notes for the first bout read "spin…spin…spin". They whirled across the ring until Richard Fox put in the last twist which brought Brocklebank to ground.

For the second decisive fall Fox went with the swinging-hipe and then turned back to an inside-click which left four legs in the air and Brocklebank's back on the ground. Fox had added the 13st title to the 14 stones he won at Powburn.


Fox and Brocklebank were still not finished with each other, for they waded through a good field in the 14 stones and met in the final. This time, Fox won one fall with a trademark buttock , but Brocklebank took the decider by twisting as Fox tried to swing.

Jack Brown splatters Haydn King in the final of the U18 years/10st

Jack Brown did well to take himself down to his Championship weight of Under 18 Years/10st to beat Haydn King in that final and then go on to reach the final of the 12 stones against Andrew Carlile who was giving the crowd a master-class in wrestling technique and nous.

Ben Brocklebank is on great form at the moment, and proved that in felling the tall Scot, Ryan Dolan, in the Under 18s. In the All Weights, Joe Threlfall maintained his present good form. Sam Wilkinson did take the first fall of the final, but Threlfall's twist over the knee was successful twice.

At Stanhope and Whitfield, Jack Brown was the outstanding wrestler keeping some strong local lads under control. Andrew Ord, too, was unbeatable in the All Weights at both events.

A great athlete and wrestler, George Davidson, has died. His funeral is at Rothbury at 11.30am on Saturday, 17th September.


Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2011)

Westmorland Show
Girls OpenC Hodgson M Gibson T Hodgson
Under 12 YearsG WilsonT HayhurstJ Gibson
Under 15 Years J Hayhurst Jack Hall J Hale
Under 18 YearsB BrocklebankR DolanM Atkinson
Under 18Years/ 10 StoneJ BrownH KingT Gibson
12 stoneA CarlileJ BrownM Atkinson
13 Stone World Championship R Fox G Brocklebank S Mason
14 Stone G Brocklebank R Fox R Dolan
All Weights J ThrelfallS Wilkinson G . Brocklebank
Stanhope Show
Under 12 Years G SingerT Hodgson 
Under 15 Years A SingerT Gibson G Singer
Under 18 Years J BrownD NolanA Singer
Girls C Hodgson R Hodgson H Hodgson
11½ Stone J Brown T Gibson A Singer
13 Stone J BrownD NolanD Parker
All Weights A OrdT HodgsonG Nichol
Whitfield Show
Under 12 Years G SingerReidT Hodgson
Under 15 Years A SingerT Gibson T Hodgson
Under 18 Years J BrownT GibsonA Singer
GirlsC Hodgson H Hodgson  
12½ Stone J BrownA Hepple A Singer
All Weights A OrdG NicholC Smith
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (Septembert 20th 2011)

Stock photography by SOLMAR at Alamy

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