Lowick, Harbottle and Hesket New Market


Sun, 11th September 1pm - Stanhope U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW
Sun, 11th September 3.30 - Whitfield U12/ U15 / U18 / Ladies / 12½st / AW
Sat, 17th September 2pm - Egremont U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies/ 11½st / 13st / AW
Sun, 18th September 2.15 - Borrowdale U12 / U15 / U18 / 11½st / 13st / AW

Miserable rainy conditions affected the wrestling last week when Lowick, Harbottle and Hesket Newmarket competed in the heaviest and longest downpour category. Harbottle was so affected that the wrestling moved from the Under 11s to the All Weights without anything between. Before I located the Lowick results, I had heard, erroneously, that the whole thing had been washed out.

Jack Brown outside-hipes David Miller in the final of the 10½st Championship at Hesket New Market

At Hesket NewMarket, in “D’ye ken John Peel” country, a swarming of sparky little dogs prolonged the terrier racing, and kept the wrestlers damply waiting. The surprise was that so many people stayed behind and circled the ring to watch the wrestlers defy the conditions. Some sparkling wrestling in the 10½st Championship dispelled the gloom. Wrestlers were there from Brittany and Dundee, but it was the more local talent of David Miller and Jack Brown, products of Carlisle Wrestling Club, which cut a swathe through the entry and reached the final.

David Miller had been particularly adept to out-wrestle George Temple of Dundee with a leg-up and sharp twists, but he found the tall frame of Jack Brown too much to move in the final. Brown used his height advantage to outside-hipe for the first and inside-hipe for the second fall of the final. This win made Brown of Haydon Bridge a double champion as he was already the holder of the Under 18 Years/10st title.

His skill and improvement as a wrestler was well illustrated in the All Weights when he reached the final and took the first fall off Frazer Hirsch by putting in the extra and unexpected twist.

The following day saw improved conditions and entries at two very different events. Only one trained wrestler, Paul Murray, turned up at Loweswater Show, but that scarcely mattered when the organisers found crowds of young people loitering round the ring, keen to enter. Not unexpectedly, Paul Murray cleaned up in all his categories, but the wrestling was memorable for its youthful enthusiasm.

At Wolsingham Show in Weardale, out on a limb, far from the usual centres of wrestling, they had their best entries ever. These days sixteen genuine contenders in a weight is exceptional. George Temple of Dundee came alive with some quicksilver wrestling which he lacked at Hesket, but Andrew Carlile’s calm skills controlled him in the 11st final. John Harrington, having won the 12½ stones at Hesket, won again at Wolsingham to continue his regular winning habit. Best of all, though, was Andrew Ord of Morpeth, who scraped in at 14 stones and then proceeded to hipe his way past the robust efforts of Frazer Hirsch and Jack Hale to win both 14 stones and the All Weights.

Ord received the Des Ward cup from Christian Salaun, the organiser of the Breton wrestlers who have graced our rings for a busy ten days. The popularity of the Bretons was fully attested by the warm applause as they took a final group bow before they set off for Plymouth, Roscoff and home.

John Harrington wins with a leg-up buttock at Wolsingham 10½st Championship prizewinners: David Miller 2nd, Jack Brown 1st, George Temple 3rd

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2011)

Hesket New Market
Under 15 Years T Greenbank J Watson J Trotter
Under 18 Years J Brown L Loxq J Stewart
Novice H Briag M Maussion J Stewart
Ladies J Le Bloas P Sellin Z Glendinning
10½ st World Championship J Brown D Miller G Temple
12½st J Harrington G Temple M Maussion
*All Weights F Hirsch J Brown M Maussion
Lowick Show
Under 12 Years G Wilson J Wilson T Williamson
Under 15 Years J Hayhurst S Wilson G Wilson
Under 18 Years J Hayhurst S Wilson G Wilson
Girls C Hodgson R Hodgson A Beswick
12½st B Brocklebank J Hayhurst B Williamson
All Weights S Fleming G Brocklebank B Brocklebank
Under 11 Years H Bertram M Dixon G Singer
All Weights J Davidson J Hale A Singer
Loweswater Show
Under 12 Years C Bland H Hird T Hodgkinson-Webb
Under 15 Years W Welford P Weir C Bland
Under 18 Years P Murray P Weir J Telford
Ladies B Dempsey K Armstrong H Dempsey
12st P Murray J Welford H Shepherd
All Weights P Murray H Shepherd A Rodger
Wolsingham Show
Under 12 Years T Hodgson S Reed A Hodgson
Under 15 Years A Singer A Hodgson T Hodgson
Under 18 Years J Brown D Hodgson M Cambot
Ladies C Hodgson P Sellin D Thompson
11st A Carlile G Temple J Brown
12st J Harrington A Carlile G Temple
14st A Ord F Hirsch J Harrington
All Weights A Ord J Hale D Atkinson
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (Septembert 7th 2011)

Stock photography by SOLMAR at Alamy

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