Dalston Show


Saturday 6th August - Powburn U10 / U13 / U16 / 11½st / 14st Championship / AW / Local Novice
Sunday 7th August - Gilsland U12 / U15 / U18 / GirlsU14 / LadiesOpen / 11½st / 13½st / AW
Tuesday 9th August - 1.30 Kirkby Lonsdale U12st / U15 / U1 / GirlsOpen / 13st /AW
Saturday 13th August - 12 Noon - Dalston   U12 / U15 / U18 / 11½st / 13st / AW
Sunday 14th August - Forestburngate

Apparently, the River Caldew used to run right through the Dalston Show field, and that saved the day this year, for the mud never got beyond the non-sticking putty consistency lying on top of speed-draining alluvial gravel. The Forestburngate wrestling, near Rothbury, on the other hand, was a soggy cancellation days previously.
John Harrington 'Peter Hunters' James Hayhurst In one of the best prepared wrestling rings of the season Richard Fox of Hethersgill performed heroics. His first win, the 13 stones, was not unexpected, as he is a dominant force at that weight. In the final he met the rising star, Jack Brown of Haydon Bridge, who had done well in an earlier round to reverse an earlier defeat by James Hayhurst. Perhaps inevitably, the tall Brown was sent skyward by Fox’s buttocking.
Richard Fox’s second win, the All Weights, was not so spectacular, but much more dramatic. Drawn against Joe Threlfall of Preston, he set about moving the 18st man round the ring, never allowing him to settle. The contest was Fox’s speed, stamina and skill versus Threlfall’s power, weight and skill. The strategy worked as Fox struck with a back heel and Threlfall was unable to twist out of the way. Sadly, after the fall, Fox remained flat on his back. His day seemed to be over, but he rallied, wandered around flexing and testing out his shoulder, before taking hold again. The same pattern ensued with constant movement followed by Fox striking with a back-heel to win.

The tall Brown was sent skyward by Fox's buttocking

Gordon Nichol of Newcastleton struggles to remove John Harrington's hank

The weight ratios were reversed in the All Weights final when Fox met his old friend and adversary, the lightweight winner, John Harrington of Bewaldeth. In the first bout, the two went down together for a dog-fall, and then Fox won the next two falls, finishing with a hipe and cross.
John Harrington, as usual, was involved in some of the neatest wrestling of the day. In the 11½ stones, he was taken aback to lose the first fall to James Hayhurst of Natland, when Hayhurst gained the hold, Harrington put in the hank and Hayhurst threw it out and him down. Harrington equalised with a workaday twist over the knee, and then put the youngster in his place with a “Peter Hunter”, a right-leg outside stroke done entirely by speed and timing, which leaves an opponent without a leg to stand on smiling ruefully on the turf. In the 11½st final he subdued another young Kendal wrestler, William Atkinson of Selside.
James Hayhurst won two age categories and then set off into Northumberland for his other sport Motorbike Trial Racing where he came sixth in a round of the British National Championships.

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2011)

Dalston Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years G. Wilson J. Wales J Wilson
Under 15 Years J Hayhurst T. Gibson A. Singer
Under 18 Years J. Hayhurst W. Atkinson A. Singer
11½ Stone J Harrington W. Atkinson J Brown
13 Stone R Fox J. Brown J. Harrington
All Weights R. Fox J. Harrington G. Nichol

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (August 4th 2011)

Stock photography by SOLMAR at Alamy

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