Cumberland Show & Great Ecclestone Show


Saturday 23rd July - 1.15pm Penrith Show - U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls U15 / Ladies Open/ 11½st / 13st /All Weights World Championship
Sunday, 24th July - 3pm  Coniston   U12 / U15 / U18 / Girls / 11½st /13st / AW

Wed, 27th July2pm N. Lonsdale Show  U12 / U15 / 11st / 13st / AW
Thursday, 28th July - 1pm  Ambleside Sports  U12 / U15 / U18 World Championship / Girls U15 / Ladies Open / 8st / 11½st / 12½st / 14st / AW
Friday, 29th July - 2.30pm  Langholm  U12 / U16 / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW
Saturday, 30th July - 2pm Beetham  U12 / U14 / U16 / U18 / Girls / 12½st / AW
Saturday, 30th July - 12.30pm  Cockermouth U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW
Sunday, 31st July - Flookburgh


Two wrestlers, James Hayhurst and Joe Threlfall, had a good weekend, with wins at both the Cumberland Show and at Great Eccleston. Hayhurst, the Under 15 Years Champion, excelled himself and was awarded the best performance trophy at both events. Not only is he pre-eminent in his own age category, but he also has enough power and skill to defeat older wrestlers. Matthew Atkinson is making his mark by throwing all sorts of wrestlers in spectacular style, but he could not cope with Hayhurst at Carlisle.


Joe Threlfall, now a craggy veteran, has extra pleasure at wrestling events watching his three lads competing and improving all the time. Joshua, in particular, figured in the prize money at both venues. When his own turn came to compete, Joe was in good form, controlling the opposition and then knocking them over with his favourite twist over the knee. At Carlisle, Joseph Robson took a fall with a cross-click, and Andrew Ord back-heeled him, but Threlfall always took the winning fall. In the final against Richard Fox, the usually ebullient Fox was subdued in two straight falls.
At Great Eccleston Show, the main opposition came from Graham Brocklebank who had beaten Stuart Mason in the final of the 13 stones. Brocklebank sometimes causes Threlfall significant problems, but at Great Eccleston Threlfall disposed of him efficiently with strong twists off the chest. All this augurs well for the Heavyweights World Championship which is to be held tomorrow at Penrith Show.
Carlisle Wrestling Club provided the excitement in the earlier men's weights. John Harrington and Andrew Carlile fought out the 12st final. Ignoring the several acres available in the main ring, they made a close inspection of the crowd on the edge of the members' tent. Carlile edged ahead when he caught Harrington with a low and late twist by the shoulders. Harrington answered with an inside-click finished by a twist. The decider went to Harrington when Carlile tried a combination of a cross-click and inside-click which failed and allowed Harrington the hold which he used to good effect with one of his trademark outside-hipes.
Richard Fox has been clipping sheep rather than felling men recently, but he continued his successful return to the ring by felling Matthew Atkinson in the final of the 14 stones. Atkinson had been going well, felling John Harrington in the semi-final, but Richard Fox won in straight falls.
It was good, too, to see George Wilson taking over the mantel as the main man in the under 12s. Kieran Miller and Sam Wilson enjoyed the luxury of wrestling at their own weight in the 8stones, Miller winning the final. Megan Gibson kept the influx of Kendal girls at bay to win the Under 15 Girls, and Jimmy Hall showed his hiping skills in winning the Under 18s.

Next week is one of the busiest in the wrestling calendar with only two days without wrestling events.

Results ( * signifies 'not eligible' for The Victor Ludorum 2011)

Cumberland Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years G.Wilson M. Wharton J. Wilson
Under 15 Years J. Hayhurst J. Threlfall H. King
Under 18 Years J. Hall W. Atkinson J. Hayhurst
Girls Under 15 Years M. Gibson L. Wilson L. Hayhurst
8 Stone K. Miller S. Wilson J. Threlfall
12 Stone J. Harrington A. Carlile W. Atkinson
14 Stone R. Fox M. Atkinson J. Brown
Great Ecclestone Show
Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years J. Lashley J. Threlfall J. Sweetnam
Under 15 Years J. Hayhurst J. Lashley J. Sweetnam
Under 18 Years S. Mason J. Hayhurst J. Lashley
13 Stone G. Brocklebank S. Mason J. Hayhurst
All Weights J. Threlfall G. Brocklebank Jack Lashley
Best Performance James Hayhurst    
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (July14th 2011)

Stock photography by SOLMAR at Alamy

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