Odds on Favourite becomes the 2011 Under 15 years Champion


Saturday 25th June - 2.20 pm Alston Gala - U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 11½ / 13st / AW
Sunday 26th June - 2.30pm Patterdale Country Fair - U12 / U15 / U18 / 11½st / 13st / AW
Saturday 2nd July - Skelton
Sunday 3rd July - 2pm Langdale Gala - U15 &6st / U15&8st / U18&10st World Championship / U18&12st / U21 Open / Girls 10st / Girls Open / 13st / AW

James Hayhurst of Kendal Academy was odds-on favourite to win the Under 15 Years Championship at Rothbury, and he won. But the tale is not just as simple as that.

In the first two rounds he met younger and smaller opposition and easily won, but in the semi-final he was drawn with Archy Singer of the Rothbury Academy, a bigger lad who demanded the best of Hayhurst. And he duly obliged with a sharp right leg cross-buttock for the first fall, and the classic combination of inside-click and right leg back-heel for the second.

In the first fall of the final Hayhurst sustained the role of favourite when he played an inside-click as soon as the referee said, "Wrestle" and his opponent, Dan Brown, went flat on his back. At this point the theory of "there can only be one winner" seemed tenable. Hayhurst then went once more for the inside-click, which had served so well previously, but this time Brown twisted him on and under, to equalise. The decider was equally as sudden as the first two falls, and surprisingly Hayhurst went for the same chip again, the inside-click. Brown was turning Hayhurst as he had in the second fall, but this time he ran out of space and he landed two inches before Hayhurst. The favourite had won by a nose.

Both events of the week-end, Kirkheaton and Rothbury were held in Northumberland, and both events had the same pattern: a rich assortment of young wrestlers, and some high quality Heavyweights, but with a gap for middleweight men. At Kirkheaton Jack Brown from the Carlisle Club took his chance and won not only the under 18s but also the 12st and 14st categories, holding at bay a succession of strong Air Cadets who had come to build fences for the horse-jumping, and stayed to wrestle. At Rothbury it was James Hayhurst who filled the middleweight gap, felling his fellow traveller from Kendal, Hayden King in the final.

When it came to the heavyweight wrestling, the star was 15st Champion, Andrew Ord, who had wins at both venues and on the way felled the likes of Robert Leiper, Jason Davidson and Jack Hale. Hale seemed out of sorts at soggy Kirkheaton, but raised his game at Rothbury where it took four falls to sort out the final with Andrew Ord. A trademark swinging-hipe gave Hale the first fall, and the third fall was a dog-fall, but Ord took the other falls to win.


When Thomas Gibson of Carlisle hiped Cade Whitfield in the final of the Under 12 Years at Rothbury, it marked the end of a remarkable run of success, for he has been the main winner in the Under 12s for two or three years.A birthday this week means that he will have to step up a class, and compete against older and heavier lads. He can takecomfort that some of our best wrestlers such as Richard Dixon and John Harrington had the same experience of finding life tough in the ring after regular success in younger sections. They came through it successfully and Thomas Gibson has all the skills and character to do the same.


Despite the rain, a contingent of young Kendal wrestlers, accompanied by dad, uncle and coach, John Wilson, camped over in Northumberland to save mileage and enjoy the crack. That beats sitting at home getting fat and lazy in front of the telly.

Results ( * signifies not eligible for The Victor Ludorum 2011)

Event First Second Third
Under 12 Years T. Gibson J. Wilson G. Wilson
Under 15 Years C. Carlyle A. Singer J. Hall
Under 18 Years J. Brown D. fenton S. Wilson
Ladies M. Gibson K. Leslie L. Singer
12 Stone J. Brown J. Spoor J. Pope
14 Stone J. Brown D. Fenton J. Davis
All Weights A. Ord R. Leiper J. Davidson
Rothbury Vintage Carnival
Event First Second Third
Under 8 Years G. Singer J. Gibson E. Philips
Under 12 Years T. Gibson C. Whitfield T. Hayhurst
Under 15 Years World Championship J. Hayhurst D. Brown C. Carlyle
Girls U 16 Years (*) L. Singer S. Smith T. Bertram
13 Stone J. Hayhurst H. King C. Mason
All Weights A. Ord J. Hale J. Hayhurst
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (June 5th 2011)

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