Killington Sports in a Golden Time Warp


Saturday 11th June - 2pm - Roman Wall Show - U13 / U17 / 11½st / 13½st / AW
Saturday 11th June - 6pm - Lowgill Sports- U7 / U12 / U14 / U18 / Girls / 12st / AW
Saturday 18th June- 2pm - Kirkheaton - U12 / U15 / U18 / Ladies / 12st / 14st / AW
Sunday 19th June - 1.30pm - Rothbury Vintage Carnival - U8 / U12 / U15 World Championship / 13st / AW

Killington Sports, lost down the impossibly narrow lanes in its golden time warp, worked its traditional magic of serious events like sprints, fell races and wrestling with even more serious sports such as sack-races and egg-throwing. Or you could simply roll down the drumlin hill at the side of the track. So many people enter the events that much of the wrestling was single falls: "sudden death" until the finals.

The final of the Men's All Weights was a fitting finale in the gathering evening gloom as it demonstrated the high order skills of wrestling and the capacity for recovery and renewal after devastating illness. Eighteen months ago Joseph Robson from nearby Grayrigg fought for his life in critical care for weeks as pneumonia, a heart condition and meningitis wracked his powerful body. Killington marked his return to the ring, and what a return it was. Against Graham Brocklebank in the final, he had to find all his old power and skill to switch sides and outside-hipe.

In the final he was up against Thomas Brocklebank, so hipes were not the best strategy. Instead, he conceded hold but won with a series of nibbling cross-buttocks until the third one finished the job. Afterwards he commented that his name was only missing from the cup for last year. Normal life had resumed, and he is to be married next month.

The 13st wrestling produced some sharp bouts, not least from new dad, Andrew Carlile, who gave a fine show of skill with heavier opponents, until the final when Graham Brocklebank resorted to his dad's right side wrench buttock to cut through any finesses.

For sheer wrestling panache, the best of the evening was Matthew Atkinson in the special category for men under 21 and 12 stones. In the final with a third Brocklebank brother, Ben, Atkinson brought him down with a swirl of swinging hipes.


An impromptu Under 8 Years competition had set the ball rolling, and was won by John Gibson, showing wrestling skills that senior wrestlers could wish for. His big brother, Thomas, then came first in an entry of twenty-nine for the Under 12 Years, felling Joshua Threlfall in the final.


James Hayhurst is the man to beat at Under 15 Years so far this year, and no-one could. The Under 18s was more finely balanced, with two Milnthorpe wrestlers, Jimmy Hall and Stuart Mason, battling closely in an early round when Mason rescued himself with a cross-click. Mason's job was not finished but considerably eased by that fall and he went on to fell Ben Brocklebank and Matthew Atkinson in the finals.

Results (* signifies not eligible for The Victor Ludorum 2011)

Northumberland County Show - Corbridge
Event First Second Third
Under 8 Years (*) J. Gibson T. Wilson T. Hodgson
Under 12 Years T. Gibson J. Threlfall J. Swinton
Under 15 Years J. Hayhurst J. Metcalfe J. McNally
Under 18 Years S. Mason M. Atkinson J. Hayhurst
Under 21 Years, 12stone M. Atkinson B. Brocklebank J, Hayhurst
Girls C. Hodgson M. Gibson A. Beswick
13 Stone G. Brocklebank A. Carlile W. Atkinson
All Weights J. Robson T. Brocklebank G. Brocklebank
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (June 5th 2011)

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