Northumberland County Show


Saturday 11th June - 2pm Roman Wall Show
- U13 / U17 / 11½st / 13½st / AW

Saturday 11th June - Lowgill Sports

The first bout of the day sets the standard


The Northumberland County Show is always a wake-up call to wrestlers of all the academies. This major event attracted wrestlers from all the regions except the far West, Waberthwaite. There seemed to be enough Kendal wrestlers to justify hiring a double-decker bus for the day, and the Rothbury youngsters were there in force.


The role of the show as a focus for the whole region was exemplified in the winners of the first four categories: Harold Wilson of Kendal won the Under 10 Years; Archie Singer of Rothbury felled the excellent Sam Wilson in the Under 14s final; Jimmy Hall in his Milnthorpe vest felled Jack Brown in the Under 18s, and Megan Gibson of Carlisle felled Lucy Wilson in the Under 15 Girls.

Carol Drummond of no fixed wrestling abode won the Ladies Open, and then the Carlisle Wrestlers took over for the two middleweight events.

The Ridley brothers, Adam and Craig, from Slaggyford, who learned their trade on the Carlisle mats, were in great form, but could not get past John Harrington. Harrington felled Craig Ridley with a hank for the first fall of the11½ stones final, and then showed him how to beat the hank in the second fall.

In the 13½ stones came one of the bouts of the day, between Craig Ridley and Matthew Atkinson. Their clash began appropriately with a dog fall, just to indicate how close they were in wrestling accomplishment. Ridley then won with a leg-up buttock; Atkinson fought back with a twist over the knee for the equaliser; and then Ridley clinched it with an outside-hipe,

The final of the 13½ stones was another close encounter, when John Harrington went ahead with a twist over the right knee which caught Richard Fox off guard. The second hold was a tense affair until it reached a whirling climax as Fox spun Harrington off the right hip and kept him going round and round until he was grounded. The decider was completely different: a classic left leg back-heel which put Harrington on his back.

Three Northumbrians, as tall as lighthouses, dominated the All Weights. Rothbury coach, Jason Davidson, 15 stones Champion Andrew Ord and All Weights Champion, Darren Whitfield, had their own little competition round by round, with Whitfield taking the honours and qualifying to meet the bustling Richard Fox in the final. Fox huffed and puffed, but he did not blow Whitfield down, and went down to a hipe for the first bout and was turned in and rushed for the second.


Northumberland County Show - Corbridge
Event First Second Third
Under 10 Years H. Wilson J. Thorburn J. Bourne
Under 14 Years A. Singer S. Wilson M. Dixon
Under 18 Years J. Hall J. Brown W. Atkinson
Girls Under 15 Years M. Gibson L. Wilson L. Singer
Ladies Open C. Drummond M. Gibson L. Wilson
11½ Stone J. Harrington C. Ridley A. Ridley
13½ Stone R. Fox J. Harrington C. Ridley
Mens All Weights D. Whitfield R. Fox J. Davidson
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (June 5th 2011)

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