The 2011 Wrestling Season is underway


Saturday, 21st May - Cumbria North Federation of Young Farmers Clubs' Field Day

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The 2011 Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling season is underway. At Carlisle Airport, under a solid blue sky, and on very solid ground, wrestlers from Carlisle and Kendal gathered to compete at the Hethersgill Vintage Rally. The concrete nature of the ground caused a few hard falls, but it also underpinned some startling wrestling performances.

The first event of the season is always a step into the unknown as young wrestlers come into the ring with six winter months of growth and training to challenge the established wrestlers and test themselves against their peers from other areas.

The Junior wrestling began with a surprise when George Wilson from Kendal took the first fall in the Under 12 Years final against last year's runaway winner, Thomas Gibson. Gibson fought back to take the next two falls, but it was tough wrestling with banged heads as well.

The Under 15s winner, not unexpectedly, was James Hayhurst, who is a skilled wrestler and well-grown to boot. He, however, provided the next surprise when he set about big brother William Hayhurst in the final of the Under 18 Years. In one of the best falls of the day, James rescued a desperate situation with a hank, which twisted William under him at the last moment. Just to show it was no fluke, James won the second fall, too, when he ducked William's attempted buttock and drove him into the ground.

I suppose that William Hayhurst might have gone home dissatisfied with his performance, but in the Men's All Weights he rescued his day, reaching the final with Richard Fox and gaining an excellent middle fall by buttocking the buttocker.

Fox was the man to beat, but he did not have the most straightforward win of his career, for Andrew Carlile also managed to take a fall from him in the semi-final. In general, though, Richard Fox was in spectacular form, and must have enjoyed sending John Harrington up and over with a full buttock.

The best performance of the day, to my mind, came from Andrew Carlile, who wrestled cannily when necessary, and with attacking flair and swinging hipes when he had toMegan Gibson won the Girls event by skill, buttocking Alice Beswick for the first fall of the final and then cross-clicking for the second.

And the 8 Stones, that new category, how did it go? There was a goodly entry and the clever but lightweight Kieron Miller, the Under 15/8st Champion, was a worthy winner. So far so good.



Hethersgill Vintage Society Rally - May 1st 2011
Event First Second Third
Boys Under 12 Years T Gibson G Wilson J Wilson
Boys Under 15 Years J Hayhurst K Miller T Gibson
Boys Under 18 Years J Hayhurst W Hayhurst G Wilson
Girls M Gibson A Beswick E Hayhurst
8 Stone K Miller J Wilson T Gibson
Mens 12½ Stone A Carlile D Miller J Harrington
Mens All Weights R Fox W Hayhurst A Carlile
Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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