The 2011 Wrestling Season gets underway at Hethersgill Vintage Rally at Carlisle Airport


Sunday, 1st May 12.30pm
Hethersgill Vintage Rally at Carlisle Airport U12/U15/U18/Girls/8st/12½/AW.

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The Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling season starts this weekend. Carlisle Airport may be in the news as a venue for the BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in a fortnight, but before that comes Hethersgill Vintage Rally which brings together hundreds of old tractors, steam engines, cars, sit-up-and-beg push-bikes, lorries, ice-cream vans and wrestling.


The wrestling is notable, not just as the first of the year, but also as first to respond to the call from the AGM and the Governing Board to have weights for the boys wrestling to encourage lighter wrestlers to take part.

Each event is autonomous in its choice of categories, so it is especially pleasing that the wishes expressed at the meetings have been so promptly put into action. Added to the wrestling programme is an eight stones category without any age restriction. Let us hope that this and many more throughout the season may keep the lightweight boys connected to the sport, for they would be likely to provide the eleven and twelve stone senior wrestlers of the future.


The CWWA website continues to prosper and develop. It is now top of the page if you google Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling and the latest development is to provide maps for the Championship and LSPA venues. Although I travel to many events there are still some where I seem to take a different route every time. For Buttermere, for example, I scan the distant fells to work out which mountain to head for, so perhaps a map would help. Some of the maps I find very clear; others took time to follow, but they would all get you within a short distance of the field.

Last year, when on holiday in Northumberland, I used a satnav to travel through unfamiliar minor roads to Harbottle Show. As we neared the village the road was more and more overgrown and I was commanded by my automatic guide to launch myself across a ford through the River Coquet which would have tested out the biggest tractor, so you cannot beat local knowledge.

The website also gives easy access to weather forecasts which tells us that the sun will shine on Sunday, an easterly wind will blow at 18mph and there will be very good visibility…............but have they taken account of the stour when all those engines fire up together?




Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (April 21st 2011)

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