Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association Venues for The world Championships in 2011


The 2011 Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association (CWWA) World Championship Venues will also be available HERE for the remainder of the wrestling season.
Venues for The Lakeland Sports Promoters' Association Events for 2011 can be seen HERE.

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The Breton wrestling team won the European Championships of the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling, held in the Canary Islands. The hosts, who had high hopes of continuing a successful run in the event only came third behind fellow Spaniards, the Leonese.

Our wrestlers were absent because of the complications about learning a new style, Lucha Canarias, and being forced to compete in that discipline before the Championships proper began. Eight countries from as far apart as Iceland and Sardinia took part.

Several of the Breton wrestlers in the winning team are well known here, for we continue to have good contact with them, both in the International competition, but also in our domestic programme each year a dozen or so Bretons have graced our rings at the end of August around Grasmere Sports time. Already this year our wrestlers competed in Brittany in their Backhold Championships.

Two of the Bretons, Matthieu le Dour and Tudy le Meur, made their reputation here many years ago, Tudy with his spectacular hanks, and Matthieu with his unorthodox style and his rewriting of the laws of gravity. Younger members of the team included two of the Salaun brothers, Ewen and Mathieu, who have sharpened their skills in our rings. Their father, Christian Salaun is the oganiser of the annual foray here from Brittany.

Once upon a time some of the old guard of wrestling did not approve of the influx of wrestlers from abroad, but that is long in the past, and all recognise that they add so much skill and sportsmanship to the busiest week of the wrestling year. For years they camped at my farm, but after two desperately wet summers, the Brown family from Haydon Bridge took pity on them and now fund-raising by the Browns pays for the use of a local sports pavilion with all the obvious advantages of showers and a roof, and some food, too. Roll on Summer.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (April 21st 2011)

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