Carlisle wrestling Club Final Points 2010 - 11

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For Cumberland and Westmorland wrestlers Summer is for serious competition in the grass rings of the Northern Counties and the Borders: Winter is the time for training on the mats in your own local academy, but occasionally training gives way to competition indoors. Most spectacularly was the recent Academy Shield when wrestlers from all "airts" raised the roof with noise at Leasgill Atheneum. More quietly but very importantly, the internal club competitions test out progress made during the Winter months, and give an extra edge to the wrestling. Carlisle Wrestling Club's Points Nights reached their conclusion in the last two weeks.

The Men's winners were all the usual suspects: Andrew Carlile won at 11½st; John Harrington at 13st and Richard Fox won the All Weights over the four sessions, but those simple facts disguise a more complicated situation where the younger generation is challenging the established wrestlers.

This was nowhere more apparent than in the All Weights where the young Jimmy Hall won on the night. Richard Fox is at a comfortable winter weight, but even he was giving several stones away to young Jimmy. Nevertheless, he brought Hall down with one of the falls of the night, one of those cross-buttocks where both wrestlers are on one leg until the buttocker snakes out a left leg, low by the ground and leaves his man without a leg to stand on. Unfortunately for Fox he had already been felled by John Harrington in the round-robin and at the end, both he and James Hall were tied, so had to wrestle a decider, with Hall coming out on top. He had won a battle but Fox had won the campaign and the trophy for most points in all four sessions. Previously, in the Juniors a new winner took home the Best Performance trophy.

Emma Wilson did not have the most wins, but she did catch the eye of the officials with some classy and spectacular wrestling. Best of all was when she beat her big sister, Charlotte, in straight falls in the 6st final, firstly with a cross-buttock and then in the second fall winning the day with a clever twist The indoor season is coming to an end though the Carlisle Club will be meeting for the next two Wednesdays, and Waberthwaite Academy's Open Night on the 26th March will once more entice wrestlers to the far West with numerous wrestling categories, and the inevitable pies-and-peas supper. See you there.


Carlisle Wrestling Club Final Points:

Junior Points: 6st 1, E Wilson; 2, C Wilson; 3, M Wharton; 4, A Mrrston.
7st 1, C Wilson; 2, E Wilson 3, M Wharton; 4, W Wilson.
Girls 7½st 1, C Wilson; 2, E Wilson; 3, A Marston; 4, Z Marston.
8½st 1, K Miller; 2, T Gibson; 3, W Wilson; 4, C Wilson.
10st 1,J Brown; 2, D Miller; 3, M Gibson; 4, T Gibson.
Girls Open 1, M Gibson 2, E Wilson; 3, A Marston; 4, C Wilson.
Under 12 Years 1, T Gibson; 2, E Wilson; 3, W Wilson; 4, A Marston.
Under 15 Years 1, M Gibson; 2, T Blair; 3, W Wilson; 4, T Gibson.
Under 18 Years 1, J Brown; 2, T Blair; 3, D Miller; 4, T Gibson.
Best Performance: Emma Wilson.
Senior Points: 11½st 1, A carlile; 2, J Brown; 3, D Miller.
13st 1, J Harrington; 2, A Carlile; 3, J Brown; 4, D Miller.
All Weights 1, J Hall; 2, R Fox; 3, J Harrington; 4, A Carlile.

Points Winners 2010-2011
Juniors: 6st, C Wilson; 7st, C Wilson; Girls 7½st, C Wilson; 8½st, T Gibson; 10st, J Brown; Girls Open, M Gibson; Under 12 Years, T Gibson; Under 15 Years, T Gibson; Under 18 Years, J Brown.
Seniors: 11½st, A Carlile; 13st, J Harrington; All Weights, R Fox.

Saturday, 26th March 7.30pm Waberthwaite Open Night, with a big range of ages and weights.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (March 17th 2011)

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