2010 academy Shield Competition (postponed since last November )

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A young Kendal Academy team, consolidated by two substantial Brocklebanks at the tail end of the match, won the 2010 Academy Shield by a clear margin.

The event had been postponed from a snowbound NovemberThe event brought teams from Rothbury in Northumberland, Waberthwaite in West Cumbria, Carlisle and Kendal to join the host club, Milnthorpe Academy at Leasgill Atheneum. The format of the competition means that the all round strength of a club is tested, for a youngster weighing less than 6 stones can gain as many points for his team as the heaviest wrestler. In each weight category (6st, 7st, 8st, etc up to15st and All Weights, and with two female sections), there is a round-robin competition where a wrestler meets an opponent from each of the other academies. Round by round the running totals mount up.

Initially, the Northumbrians set the pace, as their lightweight youngsters, Harry Bertram, Cade Whitfield and Joe Hale were unbeaten. Carlisle then came on strongly with unbeaten wrestling from Kieron and David Miller and Megan Gibson, and briefly held the lead. Then came a sustained surge from Kendal. All their wrestlers scored well, and James Hayhurst, William Atkinson and Connie Hodgson were unbeaten. At the very last, Rothbury's Darren Whitfield, the present Heavyweight Champion, proved his status by taking all the falls in the last section for Rothbury, but that was too little, too late and Kendal beat Carlisle by 36 falls to 29 for an emphatic and well-deserved victory.

William Atkinson, winner of the Best Wrestler trophy at the Academy Shield

To add icing to the Kendal cake, William Atkinson was adjudged the best wrestler of the night in a vote by the coaches of all the academies.

In the Open competitions afterwards James Hayhurst continued his unbeaten sequence by winning the Under 15 Years, beating en route William Atkinson and Milnthorpe's Isaac Hammond. The Senior competition for men of All Weights was won with swinging and buttocking by Jack Hale before he ate his pie and peas and set out on the long road home to Rothbury with the rest of his team.


Academy Shield 2010: 1, Kendal 36pts; 2, Carlisle 29pts; 3, Rothbury 27pts; 4., Milnthorpe and Waberthwaite 19pts.
Open Competitions: Under 15 Years 1, J Hayhurst; 2, I Hammond; 3, W Atkinson. All Weights 1, J Hale; 2, A Mason; 3, K Hartley.

Wednesday 16th March Carlisle Wrestling Club Final Senior Points Night
Saturday, 26th March 7.30pm Waberthwaite Open Night with a big range of ages and weights, and yet more pies and peas.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (March 10th 2011)

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