GIRL POWER : WHAT KATIE DID ........................... TO HER DAD

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One of the best throws of the night, and a standing ovation from onlookers, at a Carlisle Wrestling Club training session recently, happened as the mats were being tidied away. Josie Brown, the father of Jack Brown, the Under 18/10st Champion stood up to go home and found himself beside his daughter Katie who had been quietly watching the wrestling. For daftness he grabbed her round the waist and started wrestling and lifting her.

With one easy and flowing movement she dropped onto her feet, grabbed his neck with her left arm and buttocked him into a surprised heap on the mat. What was even more impressive was the fact that in all the action she never stopped texting on her mobilephone.

Of course, this performance was no fluke as Katie Brown has been wrestling many years and developed her skills to the extent that she won the Under 18/10 stones event at Grasmere Sports last year. One of the falls in that final with Fiona Laurie was a replica of the throw which flattened her dad.

I treasure a similar occasion in my own family history almost exactly a hundred years ago when lads from the area were coming in for a meal after a training session at Longlea, the family farm in Northumberland. One of them saw my Aunt Annie, said “Is this the lass that can wrestle?” grabbed hold of her, with her long skirts and all, and quickly measured his length at her feet as she outside-hiped him.

Gordon Mackie, a Scottish wrestling organiser, who staged the recent Scottish Youth Championships, and brought a big group of girls and lads to compete at Grasmere, is dismayed by what has happened in the international arena with regards to women's wrestling. The International federation of Celtic Wrestling has for some years held female championships alongside the Senior European Championships. The last female European Championships were held in East Kilbride, two years ago when The Scottish Wrestling Bond hosted the event. Assuming that the pattern would continue, and knowing the dates of the Championships in Tenerife he booked air-flights to ensure that he and his daughter could attend. Sadly, there is no female championship this year and he stands to lose over £250. He is not a happy man.


Wednesday, 9 th February, Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night

Wednesday, 15 th February, Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points Night

Wednesday, 23 rd February No training at Carlisle Wrestling Club due to refurbishment of premises

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (February 10th 2011)

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