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Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling, as the rule-book says, is “open to the world”. True, our wrestling tends to be focused in the rural community of the Northern counties of England , but you do not need to own a tractor and a collie dog to participate. The Wrestling Association is part of the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling, and Grasmere Sports last year had large contingents of Bretons and Scots in the lists. Our wrestlers have competed in nine other countries.

Nevertheless, it is surprising to find that someone who makes a regular and significant contribution to the sport lives in Madrid . Roy Lomas has provided The Wrestling Association with something we should have had years ago: an official website ( Roy previously developed and maintained the Grasmere Sports website, and provided for wrestling an easy way to keep up to date with current events. Even now if you Google Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling,The Grasmere website tops the list. But, now at least, the Wrestling Association website appears on the first page of search responses, though it is below Wikipedia, an article on Norse wrestling, a personal blog, the County Archives,various tourist sites and the site for Torver Sports. The more the site becomes marked as a favourite on wrestlers' and supporters' computers the higher it will rise. And is it worth visiting anyway? The site is a work in progress for it has only been available for a few weeks and is still under development, but already the home page is attractive and meaningful. Across the top are three images of the sport, an ancient woodcut of two hundred years ago; a black and white photograph of Ted Dunglinson with a huge array of trophies from the sixties, and a main centrepiece of swirling, dynamic action from the modern ring. There are archives of photographs and articles stretching back several years, details of academies with maps, coaches and contacts.The list of venues is not up-to-date, but will be when the season starts. There are links to a large array of other traditional wrestling sites in other countries. So, how did Roy Lomas become involved? He was born in Barrow, educated at Carlisle Grammar School before going to Durham University and a career in television production. He first visited Grasmere Sports in 1966, and his interest in that event culminated in his book, “Grasmere Sports – the First 150 Years” first published in 2002.

Wrestlers and coaches are reminded that if they wish to take part in the Breton Backhold Championships on February 26th, then names have to be entered by January 15th .


Wednesday 12 th January Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night

Wednesday 19 th January Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points Night including a ladies section.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (January 6th 2011)

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