Eskdale Shows

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With the right equipment, a helicopter, wrestlers could have competed at two Eskdale Shows last week, one North of the Scottish Border at Langholm and the other in the South West Lakes .

John Harrington, in the red, gains a strong hold of Gordon Nichol at Langholm Show

The Langholm version had a High Noon start time, but few wrestlers and spectators were about. Fortunately, a group of youngsters put their hats into the ring and the wrestling began with loud shouts of support for the local successes, the crowd grew, entries mounted, and the crowd grew some more. Thomas Gibson was in his element, wrestling keen lads his own size, but without his wealth of experience and training. Two more victories were added to his impressive list for the season. Another far traveller, Jack Brown of Haydon Bridge , then won the Under 18 Years at a canter. The Ladies event was a tougher proposition for Megan Gibson who met older and heavier opposition, but won in style. Particularly good was a cross-buttock in the final against Emma Austen. As at Egremont the wrestling climaxed in a series of intense bouts involving John Harrington, Richard Fox and Gordon Nichol. Harrington and Nichol met in both the 12 ½ stones and the All Weights and each bout was on a knife-edge. Nichol struck first with the classic combination of what my notes called “hold-lift-back”. In trying for the same route in the next bout he left himself open for the cross-click and down he went. So their bouts went on: Nichol winning some but Harrington winning the deciders. The growing crescendo of the wrestling was maintained till the end as Richard Fox and Harrington fought an intense bout of hiping action until Fox brought it to an end with a buttock.

At the Lakeland Eskdale Show, the Atkinson brothers again carved up the spoils between them. Only Jack Ewart prevented a clean sweep, when he felled Matthew Atkinson in the final of the All Weights. The win was a fitting reward for the big lad from Westward who has been such a keen follower of the ring. To reach the Eskdale wrestling he had to hitch a lift. In the previous week he travelled to the Westmorland Show by train.

Only three events, Alwinton, Wasdale Head and Buttermere, remain before the season ends.

With Winter in mind the AGM of the Carlisle Wrestling Club will be held at 8pm at Currock House on Wednesday, 6th October. Anyone with an interest in our local wrestling style is invited to attend.


Eskdale Show

Under 15 Years 1, W Atkinson; 2, M Tyson; 3, S Wilson . Under 18 Years 1, M Atkinson; 2, J Hayhurst; 3, W Atkinson. 10 ½ st 1, W Atkinson; 2, J Hayhurst; 3, C Naylor. 12st 1, M Atkinson; 2, W Atkinson; 3, J Hayhurst. All Weights 1, J Ewart; 2, M Atkinson; 3, C Naylor.

Langholm Show

Under 12 Years 1, T Gibson; 2, J McKenzie; 3, P Gaskell. Under 15 Years 1, T Gibson; 2, J McKenzie; 3, R Gaskell. Under 18 Years 1, J Brown; 2, T Gibson; 3, R Gaskell. Ladies and Gentlemen: 1, M Gibson; 2, E Austen; 3, E Gough. 12 ½ st 1, John Harrington; 2, G Nichol; 3, J Brown. All Weights 1, R Fox; 2, John Harrington; 3, G Nichol


Saturday, 9 th October 1pm Alwinton Show U10/U13/U15 Ch'ship/U21/11 ½ 14/AW

Wasdale Head

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