Allocation of Championships events for the coming season

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Left to right David Atkinson (coach), Paul Murray (62kg), Jacob Wragg (74kg), Craig Naylor (68kg), Alan Jones (coach), Robin Murray (judge), Jack Hale (90kg)

While four of our young wrestlers were facing some of the toughest wrestling of their lives in the Espoirs Championships in Brittany, the Governing Board of the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association was allocating its toughest events, the Championships, for the coming season.

Under 18 Years Champion Jack Hale frightened the opposition with his swinging hipes at the European Championships.A team of four wrestlers, Jack Hale, Paul Murray, Craig Naylor, and Jacob Wragg, came up against formidable opposition in St Brieuc. The best result went to Jack Hale of Rothbury who hiped his way spectacularly through the 90kg backhold class until he reached the final with Manuel Cano Gonzalez from the Canary Islands. The English coach, Alan Jones, happened on a Canarian coaching session in the corridor outside the arena where their wrestler was being told how to block the hipe, and that is what happened in the actual bout with Hale unable to get away with his swinging exuberance. In some ways Paul Murray of Arlecdon was even nearer a title for he was beaten 3-2 in the closest of encounters in the semi finals of the 62kg backhold, with an easier opponent as the other finalist. Sadly, Murray broke his shoulder on the following day in the Gouren style, and will miss most of the coming season. The most successful team was the Canarians. They combined a fanatical will to win with high levels of technique. The best wrestler overall was Emilio Jose Cano of Leon in Northern Spain.

Seventeen events applied to host the eleven CWWA Championships. The action begins early with the 13 stones at the Northumberland on May Bank Holiday Monday, and ends late with the Under 15 Years championship at Alwinton Show on the second Saturday in October. Kirkby Lonsdale, the only show held on a Tuesday, has never staged a championship previously, but this year will host the Under 18 Years/10st competition, an appropriate venue with so many good young wrestlers coming through the ranks at Kendal and Milnthorpe academies.

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association Championships 2010
All Weights Alston Gala Saturday, June 26th
15st Dalston Show Saturday, August 14th
14st Kirkheaton Show Saturday, June 19th
13st Northumberland County Show Monday, May 31st
12st Haltwhistle Gala Sunday, July11th
11st Millom and Broughton Show Saturday, August 28th
10½ st Penrith Show Saturday, July 24th
Under 18 Years Cumberland Show Saturday, July 17th
Under 18 Years/10st Kirkby Lonsdale Show Tuesday, August 10th
Under 15 Years Alwinton Show Saturday, October 9th
Under 15 Years/8st Grayrigg Show Thursday, August 26th

The annual meeting of CWWA referees will take place at Carlisle Rugby Club on Thursday, 15 th April. The Association has a list of approved referees, and all of those will be receiving direct invitations, but the meeting is also open to those interested in becoming a referee.

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