Last of the Carlisle Wrestling Club's Winter Points Competition

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The dominant wrestlers in Carlisle Wrestling Club's Winter Points Competition had their comeuppance at the final session of the year.

Murdo Laurie hipes Richard DixonRichard Dixon of Lessonhall had a perfect score in both the 11 ½ and 13 stones, six wins in all, but he had to be contented with two second places on the night. The crucial bout in the 11 ½ stones round-robin was when he and Andrew Carlile of Carlisle wrestled a long, tense bout before Carlile struck with a left leg back-heel and finished with a twist. In the 13 stones his nemesis was John Harrington of Bewaldeth, who had played second fiddle to him in the previous three competitions. This time he caught Dixon 's long right leg with an inside-click which cut him down to size and second place. Richard Dixon, by his high standards, may have faltered on the last night, but make no mistake, he has been the wrestler supremely on form throughout the Winter months, and fully deserves the two Points Trophies he has won.

All Weights Points trophy winner, Richard Fox, at Ambleside last yearThe All Weights section was the closest to call as the last session began. Only a single point stood between John Harrington and Richard Fox of Hethersgill after all the effort of the previous months. They met early in the round-robin and it was Fox who blasted his way past Harrington with a lift, a carry across the ring and a sudden plash down on the mats. So, it should have been Richard Fox's night, and it was in a way, for he ended up with the All Weights Points Trophy, but another wrestler won on the night and showed great style. David Atkinson of Carlisle has mainly been on the mats recently as a coach for the club and the international. After a lot of wondering, at the last moment he added his name to the list, and proceeded to give the other wrestlers a master-class in attacking wrestling. His best throws were a mid air hipe-cum-cross-buttock, which accounted for Richard Dixon, a left-leg inside-hipe, which caught John Harrington unawares, and a sort of wrench buttock off the right shoulder, which flattened Jack Ewart of Westward.

Two young, strong wrestlers, Gordon Nichol of Newcastleton and Jack Ewart, played a big part in the All Weights. Nichol made extra sure that John Harrington was not going to win by lifting and throwing him forward. As an extra he then accounted for Richard Dixon after a long effort to get rid of the hank. In the end Ewart and Nichol ended with the same number of falls, so they had to wrestle-off. That bout ended spectacularly as Ewart cross-buttocked Nichol at trouser pocket level to bring him thumping cleanly down to the mats.


Carlisle Wrestling Club Final Points Night - 11½ st 1, A Carlile; 2, R Dixon ;3, C Naylor; 4, P Murray. 13st 1, J Harrington; 2, R Dixon ; 3, A Carlile; 4, M Laurie.

All Weights 1, D Atkinson; 2, R Fox; 3, J Ewart; 4, G Nichol.


Saturday, 20th March, 7.30pm - Waberthwaite Open Night : Under 9, 11, 13, 15, 18 years of age. Under 7stone, 9, 11, 13,and All Weights. Plus usual Pie & Pea Supper for wrestlers.

Sunday, 21st March 1pm - Carlisle Racecourse Sporting Champions Family Day U12/U13Girls/U15/U18/U18Girls/12 ½ /AW

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