'Game of Two Halves'

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The sporting cliché of a game of two halves was freshly minted at Carlisle Wrestling Club this week. The fourth of the winter's Junior Points Nights was the final chance to gain enough points to win one of the club's trophies. In some categories the final outcome was entirely open. In the 6 stones, for example, no fewer than seven wrestlers lay within two points of each other. On the other hand, some wrestlers had already built unassailable leads. Thomas Gibson and Jack Brown were unbeaten in their categories and no-one was within touching distance.

In the girls, Katie Brown was also unbeaten, but each time she won, Dawn Gibson had come second. However, the only way Katie could lose the trophy was by the luck of the draw and a defeat by Dawn. And that was what happened. The two girls met in the first round and Dawn Gibson wrestled as never before to fell Brown. After Dawn had felled her sister, Megan, in the final, and Katie had felled two other wrestlers to reach fourth place, both girls had gained thirteen points. The culmination was a sudden death decider and the bout closely echoed their first encounter with chances on both sides. In the end, Dawn Gibson won a finely balanced contest by taking Katie off her right hip with a sharp twist and rush. The Officials and coaches were impressed as they awarded the trophy for the best performance to Dawn for her new level of accomplishment. Poor Katie Brown. Was she upset? Certainly. Did she mope and wither away?.. Don't be daft. This is the Katie Brown who rides race-horses at Point-to-Points. If she falls off a horse, she gets on again. Having lost in the girls, she then cut a swathe through the lads in the Under 18 Years. In the semi-final whom should she meet but Dawn Gibson. As Dawn went for hold, Katie caught her with a full blooded cross-buttock and thumped her down flat on the mats. All that remained was to sort out little-big brother Jack in the final. Jack Brown is younger than his sister, but much taller and heavier. Both final bouts followed the same pattern with Katie getting under Jack's guard, gaining the hold, defending her position, and then rushing him forward off her right hip.

Katie and Jack Brown after the battleCarlisle Wrestling Club President, Doreen Bragg, presents Dawn Gibson with the best performance trophy at this weeks Points Night

Jack Brown had already had a good night winning both the 10 stones and the Under 15 Years. Kieron Miller, too, won twice, at 6 and 7stones in fine style. His big brother David showed how good he is at hiping to win the 8 ½ stones. And Taylor Allison won the Under 12 Years, felling the previously unbeaten Thomas Gibson on the way.

Carlisle Wrestling Club Points Night results:

6st 1, K Miller; 2, W Wilson ; 3, C Wilson; 4, A Marston. 7st 1, K Miller; 2, T Gibson; 3, C Wilson; 4, M Gibson. 8 ½ st 1, D Miller; 2, M Gibson; 3, T Gibson;4, K Miller. 10st 1, J Brown; 2, D Miller; 3, P Murray ; 4, K Brown. Girls 1, D Gibson; 2, C Wilson; 3, M Gibson; 4, K Brown. Under 12 Years 1, T Allison; 2, T Gibson; 3, E Wilson ; 4, M Wharton. Under 15 Years 1, J Brown; 2, K Miller; 3, T Gibson; 4, D Gibson. Under 18 Years 1, K Brown; 2, J Brown; 3, P Murray ; 4, D Gibson


Wednesday, 17th March, Carlisle Wrestling Club, Final Senior Points Night at Currock House.

Saturday, 20th March, 7.30pm Waberthwaite Open Night : Under 9,11,13,15,18 years of age. Under 7stone.9, 11, 13, and All Weights. Plus usual Pie & pea Supper for wrestlers.

Sunday, 21st March 1pm Carlisle Racecourse Sporting Champions Family Day U12/U13Girls/U15/U18/U18Girls/12 ½ /AW

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