February Senior Points Night at Carlisle Wrestling Club

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The February Points Night of Carlisle Wrestling Club threw up a few surprises. Andrew Carlile was ill and absent. John Harrington broke his hold to end lamely a promising tough bout with Richard Dixon.

John Harrington in the red shirt felling the horizontal Jack BrownBut the wins went to the proven champions who learned their skills on the Carlisle mats and now are wrestling stars at home and abroad. Richard Dixon of Lessonhall won the lightweights without losing a fall and then benefited from John Harrington's broken hold to do the same in the middleweights. His tall, lean physique gives him a strong base for all the skills that he has acquired over a decade. He swung, hiped, leg-up buttocked and twisted, and, if needed, he has the capacity to fling himself backwards with an arching twist which brings his opponent down an inch or two before him. That late flying twist nearly gave him a clean sweep of all the points categories, when he and Richard Fox of Hethersgill flew across the mats in the All Weights, but it was a dog-fall, and in the re-wrestle Fox won with a crisp hipe. He went on unbeaten to head the group after buttocking John Harrington of Bewaldeth, and then sensibly back-heeling the massive young Jack Ewart to avoid lifting him. Health and Safety would have approved.

Of course, watching the top wrestlers in action is a keen pleasure to anyone interested in Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, but watching the efforts and improvements of the younger, aspiring wrestlers as they take on the champions is equally exciting. Three young wrestlers, Jack Brown of Haydon Bridge, David Miller of Crookdake, and Paul Murray of Arlecdon had all trained vigorously with each other in the first part of the evening during the weekly junior coaching session. Bout by bout you could see them bringing the best out of each other as their coaches pushed them another inch.

The slightest of the group, David Miller had shone during training, but in the senior competition, he was unable to gain a fall, however well he competed. Jack Brown hiped and twisted as never before, and Paul Murray proved that he is back on full form. In the light weights Murray beat Brown and gave Richard Dixon a fright. By far the smallest wrestler in the All Weights, he made the onlookers gasp when he wriggled out of Richard Fox's control mid fall. He was unable to exploit the chance as Fox quickly recovered and buttocked to win, but the youngster had made a point. The three young wrestlers at least have each other to hone their skills. Imagine what it is like to come without their background of experience and years of training to compete with the stars of the sport. Gordon Nichol of Newcastleton finds himself pitched into that scenario, and needs to be proud of himself, for he is fighting it out and coming a close second to the best wrestlers. If he perseveres, he could be joining them at the next level.


Carlisle Wrestling Club February Senior Points Night

11 ½ st 1, R Dixon ; 2, P Murray ; 3, J Brown; 4, D Miller. 13st 1, R Dixon ; 2, John Harrington; 3, J Brown; 4, P Murray . All Weights 1, R Fox; 2, John Harrington; 3, R Dixon ; 4, G Nichol.


Sunday, 21 st February 2pm-4pm Training session for the European Espoirs Championships in the Gym at Currock House, Carlisle .

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