February Junior Points Night at Carlisle Wrestling Club

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The youngsters and coaches of Carlisle Wrestling Club.

For forty years Carlisle Wrestling Club has nurtured the young wrestlers of the future, whilst giving the best men wrestlers something to do in the winter. Each year is a filtering process with the latest crop of youngsters giving the sport a try. Some give up quickly; others persevere for a year or two and then disappear, but enough stay, mature, strengthen and become the stars of our traditional sport at venues at home and abroad. The present crop of youngsters at the club is a promising and lively lot, with a significant number of girl wrestlers taking part.

Governing Board member, Linda Scott presents trophies to Jack Brown and Megan GibsonAt the third Points Night of the indoor season one of those girls, Megan Gibson of Southwaite, caught the eyes of the officials and coaches, for she was voted the best wrestler of a long and busy night, unanimously. In the 7 stones final she met her younger brother, Thomas, who had such a stellar season in 2009. Good, and strong, as he is, he could not match Megan's drive and balance. Twice she manoeuvred for hold and then rushed Thomas forward off the right hip. She then went on to win the next weight, the 8 ½ stones, in a final with Philip Potts of Dalston. Once more she gained a good hold, but this time was unable to rush him forward. Instead, she got down low and twisted him back over, twice. The first winner of the night was also a girl, Charlotte Wilson of Thursby, in the 6 stones. She has quickly picked up the skills of twisting and back-heeling, and is not shy of flinging opponents down hard to the mat.

Staying with the theme of girl-power, Katy Brown of Haydon Bridge was the winner of the girls' section, but also wrestled up to her big/little brother Jack in the 10 Stones. In one bout she slipped into a good hold and tussled away making all the right moves but not quite able to complete the moves. Jack may be two years younger, but he is also a foot taller. The girl-theme continued right through the programme, with Charlotte Wilson wrestling up to Thomas Gibson in the Under 12 Years and Dawn Gibson reaching the final of the Under 18 Years where she was felled by Jack Brown.

Jack Brown stands head and shoulders above most of the other wrestlers, and he used his physique well to gain his falls. He is particularly adept at hiping and then finishing off with a cross. Spare a thought for Kieron Miller, who last month won the best performance cup. In the midst of the competitions, he limped through the door, handed in the challenge trophy, and limped out again. That's football for you.


Carlisle Wrestling Club February Junior Points Night - 6st 1, C Wilson; 2, N Dixon; 3, E Wilson ; 4, A Marston. 7st 1, M Gibson; 2, T Gibson; 3, T Wilson ; 4, M Wharton. 8 ½ st 1, M Gibson; 2, P Potts; 3, T Gibson; 4, N Dixon . 10st 1, J Brown; 2, K Brown; 3, P Murray ; 4, O Burbury. Girls 1, K Brown; 2, D Gibson; 3, E Wilson ; 4, M Gibson. Under 12 Years 1, T Gibson; 2, C Wilson; 3, T Allison; 4, W Wilson . Under 15 Years 1, J Brown; 2, T Gibson; 3, M Gibson; 4, C Wilson . Under 18 Years 1, J Brown; 2, D Gibson; 3, P Murray ; 4, P Potts.

Sunday, 14 th February 2pm - 4pm Training session for the European Espoirs Championships in the Gym at Currock House.

Wednesday, 17 th February Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points Night at Currock House.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (February 10th 2011)

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